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Revised 1d20 Major Marvel Alien Race Random Encounter Table For Your Old School Space Opera

Revised 1d20  Major Marvel Alien Race Random Encounter Table
  1. The Badoon (first seen in Silver Surfer #2)
  2. The Beyonders (first referenced in Marvel Two-in-One #63)
  3. The Brood (first seen in Uncanny X-Men #155)
  4. The Celestials (first seen in The Eternals #1)
  5. The Dire Wraiths (first seen in Rom the Spaceknight #1)
  6. The Evolutionaries (first seen in X-Men Giant-size #1)
  7. The Kree (first mentioned in Fantastic Four #64; first seen in Fantastic Four #65 (Blue) andMarvel Super Heroes #12 (Pink))
  8. The Phalanx in Uncanny X-Men #312
  9. The Rigellians (first seen in true form in Thor #130)
  10. The Shi'ar (first seen in X-Men #97)
  11. The Skrulls (first seen in Fantastic Four #2)
  12. The Symbiotes (first seen in Secret Wars crossover #8)
  13. The Space Phantoms (first seen in Avengers #2)
  14. The Technarchy (first seen in New Mutants #18)
  15. The Watchers (first seen, in the form of Uatu, in Fantastic Four #13)
  16. Elders of the Universe
  17. Guardians of the Galaxy
  18. Imperial Guard
  20. Inhumans
  21. Annihilators
These are the space gods of legend & myth. Adventurers who encounter them should not be unchanged with even the merest brush with them. Many of these entities will be encountered on missions of the utmost importance or cosmic evil. These beings will decide the fates of worlds for good or ill. Those beings that encounter them can expect at least treasure type H or better from Carcosa's tables. Beings such as the Celestials or Elders Of The Universe are space gods & care should be taken when using them. 
Dire Wraths, Annihilators, Skrulls, etc. are all interstellar conqueror races & will subjugated  torture, breed, or simply see adventurers as resources to be exploited at best or insects to be dealt with. 

 Handling The Major Marvel Alien Races In The OSR 

About 99 percent of these alien races will change the entire dynamic of any science fiction or science fantasy game that their brought into. This isn't a bad thing as the adventure will actually center around them as a whole. One thing that the Marvel universe centers around is a greater 2000 plus character rich universe. With all of the different versions of these there are plenty of opportunities for the PCs to get into trouble. There's also plenty of untold & forgotten corners of alien worlds, artifacts, & all kinds of things that a Dm can pull into & discard at the drop of a hat.
A Few Useful Links For The Major Marvel Alien Races 

  1. Marvel_Comics Alien Races in Wiki 
  2. The  Marvel Super Hero Rpg by TSR Has all of these races right Here For free 
  3. Here is an Appendix that will provide gobs of information on the more forgotten or neglected races Here
    Most of the alien races I've named can actually be found right in the Marvel Handbooks of The Universe for the Marvel Super Hero Rpg & the Marvel Hand Books Of The Universe comics. All are pretty much indispensable when it comes to setting these races in context for games. 

    This is not a challenge to Marvel any of the copyright holders or their various trade marks. This is being made as a fan parody for inclusion into the private fan based campaigns of the readers of this blog for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement is intended. Thank you


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