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The Martian Alliance & The Neuronic Whip - A New Race & Weapon For Your Stars Without Number Game & Terminal Space Campaign


Lenses: Combative,Savage 
Government: Tribal with Caste overtones 

Technology Level:  TL: 4 For Terra Forming & Space Craft Design
Motivation: Domination
The Martian Alliance is an artificial race created eons before the fires of the Atomic Wars gripped Old Earth. The race was bred from the genes & genetic material of a fanatical religious leader. The design wasn't executed until the Stroke when the Endor began to produce these warriors & their arms. They  serve as advance fighters,pirates, saboteurs, & gorilla  warriors par excellence.  Once conquest of a planet is secured the Alliance sets up terraforming units for their Endor masters.
These pirates began to appear throughout the galactic stage attacking cargo haulers, deep space freighters, & hyperspace carriers. The race has been seen in the farthermost corners of the universe. These may be space rangers or advanced scouts of the Alliance. 
The race shows traces of its human linage & within its design but there are in fact several different organs within the creatures.  
The green of the skin is actually a plant micro organism that lives within the skin of these beings & provides an extra food source during interstellar journeys.
 The eyes have been modified to take advantage of the condition of both Martian worlds & the depths of space. Alliance gain a +1 to all perception & sight rolls. 
30% of Alliance children are born with an electrical producing organ that enables them to throw off a bolt of electricity once every 3 days doing 1d4 points of damage. The original function of this organ is unknown but the warrior caste considers it an omen of good fortune. 
Only about 30% of Martian Alliance are psionic & the races considers those who show aptitude in the psychic arts to be witch. Witches are considered fortunate & sent to train at military 
SWN Default Notes:
The Martian Alliance was found upon the face of  Old System Mars wandering among the ruins of the colonies there by the Endor. The specimens, design, etc was taken from system & the ruins matter bombed from orbit. Old Earth has no idea of the project or its original goals.
PC  Martian Alliance race will gain +2 on all stats for they are a race literally born for the stars. They can adapt to many planetary conditions. The culture of the race if it can be called that is an artificial spoon fed military facade fed to them by their Endor Masters.
Some of  The Martian Alliance have begun to question the Endor & left the empire behind or so they think. The mercenary & bounty hunter life style offers a certain appeal to these individuals. 
File:Planet Stories November 1953 cover.jpg

Neuronic Whip"And then the guard's gurgle dissolved into words. He yelled, 'I'll get you all!' and the very pale, almost invisible shimmer of the ionized air in the path of the whip's energy beam made its appearance. It swept wide through the air, and the path of the beam intersected Biron's foot. It was as though he had stepped into a bath of boiling lead. Or as if a granite block had toppled upon it. Or as if it had been crunched off by a shark. Actually, nothing had happened to it physically. It was only that the nerve endings that governed the sensation of pain had been universally and maximally stimulated. Boiling lead could have done no more."From The Stars, Like Dust, by Isaac Asimov. 
Published by Galaxy in 1951 

The Neuronic Whip is a weapon technology from the First Empire of Mankind when he had spread among the stars. The weapon simulates the nerve endings in such a way as to cause extreme agony.. Anyone hit by this weapon feels as if they have taken 1d8 points of damage as their nerve endings fire boiling pain to their brains.
 Unless a successful saving throw is made against the effects of this weapon the victim is at -4 on all physical actions accept breathing & writhing in pain. The whip has a range of 40 yards & glows with a golden yellow light to warn those in its way. The effects last from 1d4 rounds. The whip can be used multiple times with no lasting physical effects. Its mental effects will leave scars for ages to come however. 


  1. Cool! Although the +2 on all stats makes them pretty darn tough (if I ever get to use them I may tone them down to +2 to a stat of their choosing) : ) I do like the retro sci fi direction your going with your SWN Campaign! I've got alot of SWN stuff in scattered notes, guess I need to dig through them and post some more.

  2. These guys are supposed to be darn tough since this campaign is at the 5th or higher level..The random stat idea would be for players playing these. I don't recommend that for my players.


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