Friday, August 31, 2012

The Tentacles & Eyeballs Rpg Horror Miniature Kickstarter

So Dark Platypus Stuidos is doing a kickstarter for this awesome set of minis. They're raising the money for the following : "The goal of this KickStarter is to raise funds for mold-making and production costs to add this pile of similarly-themed monster sculpts to my product line. These tentacled aberrations come straight from the darkest reaches of the Far Realms, and would be at home eating the PC's off of any D&D, Pathfinder, or Old School roleplaying table!  Castings of the models themselves will be the rewards that backers can choose to receive for their assistance in helping me meet this goal. "
The models are very nice & they're old school as well. 
I've got my favorites especially this guy here. 

 I love the description of this one :  The Lensman is a minion monster associated with Eye Abberants. It's face, composed of one huge leering eye and a gaping maw, is centered on its torso, Arnim Zola -style, while a writhing tentacle sprouts from where it's head should be. It favors double-bladed pole arms as weapons, and this one wields a two-headed axe in its hand and tentacle.
 The rewards go up with some awe inspiring hidious monsters but the final one is my all time favorite

Ladies & Gentlemen the DeepMother! This hideous Far Realms horror literally gives birth to other monstrous aberrations as you fight it, 'spawning' them off of its own fleshy mass, or 'horking' them out of its three alligator-like mouths. It's 15' (3") diameter body is festooned with eyes, including 4 that are protruding on little tentacles. Three of its six main tentacles end in the afore-mentioned 'gator-like mouths, while the other three coil to termination, and are capable of holding weapons (there is actually a little hole through the final coil, which you can insert weapon hilts into). The DeepMother 'stands' on its own tentacles over a Huge (3") base, but it's extra-long tentacles reach up and out, making the model almost 7" across at it' widest dimension.
You can read a whole lot more right Here
 I can see using any of the featured miniatures in any of the old school science fiction or post apocalytpis retroclones. There is a metric ton of ideas floating right around with these aberrants. I can see adding these to Terminal Space or X-plorers with no problem. A hive of these bastards could appear in Metamorphis Alpha or straight into the Mutant Future Timeline of your choose. 
Go fund this & get this happening! Just wanted to bring this to your attention with all the activity over at Reaper Miniature's kickstarter. 
Some have said that the OSR is dead or over. If these kick starters are any indication. Things are just starting to heat up baby! 

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