Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wreck Of The USS Avánthe On Carcosa - Actual Play

So far the intrepid crew has run from the various colored men of Carcosa. Almost been boiled & eaten. Run across serpent men ruins, had phasers explode, & survived almost being vivisected by Elder Things.. 

This of course isn't counting the deaths of 6 red shirts ala hirelings.. Poison plant darts, Mi Go brain mecha, giant honey bee hives, & falling down a pit trap! 

Smoke break now more in a half an hour
Did I mention the crashed ship? The PCs crawled from the wreckage & were almost sacrificed to a volcano god. A few tricoders & some high tech toys were available but not much else.

Oh that wasn't very smart.. Insulting the Deep One champion of the village that their staying in? Opps that claw to the chest is going to hurt for 1d4 points of damage..Running is an option at this point & now the Captain is dead

Yup kids I stuck in a Salt Vampire & yes its lair is the old dilithium crystal mine..Which your going to have get into to power that shuttle to get off this "miserable rock" 

Opps strach another red shirt. Now down to my original 6 PCs! They're looking nervous 

Well they're out of phasers! The family of Salt Vampires served their purpose! Excellent! Everything is going to plan! Hmmmm another smoke break & their trying to come up with a plan to get those crystals!

Will they find the fully charged phaser in the shuttle nearby? Will they remember to use their tricorders or simply look? HMMmmm Poker face, poker face, poker face DM..

"Wait wait where are original crew of this shuttle?" 

Roll 1d10 zombies show up from the undergrowth... MMMMMMmmmm Star Trek personnel 

The PC finished off the zombies.. They're back at the cave..They got the crystals.. Will they find that last zombie in the back of the shuttle? 


New tactic throw the Doc to the zombie! We don't need him anyway! Then blast them both!

 with art by J.C. Maziu.

"Wait that's no moon!" Actually its the wires trailing off a derlict space station! What you thought it was a Great Old one? Well so did the PCs! 

 Photo: Today is not a good day to Sparkle!

And then these guys showed up! Now we end! HAHAHAHA


Crap now the players have started up with the Klingon..Maj rahm, yIQongchu'!


  1. Lol, this sounds like an awesomely epic session! Needles, I love your game reports.

    -Ed Green

  2. Thanks Ed! I've been out most of today & so I just got to see this now. There's more to come from this mini campaign. With a bit of Drama happening at Larry's game I've had to improvise & this was the result.. There's at least 2 maybe three weeks out of this..

  3. ST/Carcosa mashup is irresistable. Thank you.

  4. Well Richard this will be changing over to the Star Ships & Spacemen 2nd edition once it rears it head! So enjoy while you can it will be turning into a new timeline soon enough! :-) Thanks for the comment man! More to come!


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