Tuesday, August 14, 2012

That Old School Space Influence With Stella Star

I've been looking into space fantasy campaigns from my past & that sleazy stars wars rip off feel of the 70s is how shall I put this. Very much like the D&D old school feel. You know it when you see it..  Yes this is what my Stars without Numbers game is going to look like...
The lovely Caroline Munro - Starcrash's own Stella Star - portrays the barmaid of this alien-packed intergalactic ginmill, which is clearly a homage to the Star Wars cantina scene..
When I saw this back in the 80s I thought that this is what happened to Stella. She retired to run this joint.
See its like this Stella Star or someone very much like her  (9th level fighter) has retired to run a cantina in the Talon Sector. 

I came across this commercial for Dr. Pepper which has some excellent production values for an 80s soda commercial.
 Then again there's also this old Levi's commercial that I loved growing up as well.


  1. I've got to find Star Crash now. I absolutely love cheesy old sci-fi and apocalypse movies.

    -Ed Green

  2. YES! I've been soaking in cheesy 70s/80s sci-fi myself recently.

  3. Go here to watch it~ http://www.bmovies.com/movie/starcrash
    Anyhow there's more cheesy 70s/80s sci-fi coming up!
    Thanks for the comments Ed

    Jay its a "favorite" of mine from way, way back!
    There's more to come folks


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