Friday, August 31, 2012

Preying Mantis Awareness Week On Carcosa

The Mantis Temples of Herrbra  Where stalks the Green Death & its varieties 

The jungles of Carcosa are home to all types of alien predators but none more deadlier then the Green Death family of Mantis. Originally imported in by the Serpent men eons ago these fierce predators have spread throughout the jungles of Carcosa.

The unstable genetic structure of the family allows the mutant mantis to breed rapidly & adapt to changing conditions within  the xeno environments of Carcosa's biosphere.
Number appearing :1d4
Armor Class : 4
Hit dice 5
Special : Psi Mantis 1d4 random psi powers or 1d4 spells 1st level

Pictured is a Psi Mantis on the hunt. 
 There are several unusual mutations that have appeared within recent months upon Carcosa. This includes the Psi Mantis. A very unusal specimen that gains magic or psi powers from eating the whole prey. It gains access to 1d4 random psychic powers that were within the victim & also access to recent memories.
These are used to trap further victims. They possess a keen weird logic intellect  & are able to move through parties of natives & explores with easy. They retain these abilities for 1d4 days after consumption.
File:Insect camouflage PP08338.png

The Head Taker  Mantis, this fast moving predator slices the heads from prey with a wick attack of  its claws doing 1d4 points of damage with each strike.  It feeds on the body while taking the head back to its nest. It surgically separates the various systems from the humanoid mind & rewires them as psionic guardians for its young. There will be 1d6 heads at any time guarding its eggs. These will have 1d4 random psionic powers. Many Mythos races covet these artifacts & it is thought that the mantis sprays them with a naturally occurring preservative from within itself.
 File:Mantis Hymenopus coronatus 5 Luc Viatour.jpg
The Ancestor Beast - These mantis form rough tribes of 1d8 individuals & work in concert to bring down prey. They will be of max hit points & often use pack tactics. These monsters are semi intelligent are often immune to many psionic powers making them all of the more deadly. Certain parts of prey are saved & modified to be traded with other races. These include Deep Ones & Swamp folk. If at anytime the trade partner shows weakness of any type they are know to attack without mercy. They may trade with adventurers if the right spells are known & communication can be established or any incursion into their turf will be met with pure malice.
File:Mantis Hymenopus coronatus 6 Luc Viatour.jpg
 It is known that several alien races export these species to other planets. They may be found within any game world where a tropical climate exists.

All stats are taken from The Carcosan Grimoire available right Here

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