Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The QuY'reara - Those Which Are Left For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign


Théophile Schuler~ Le char de la mort (1848) 
Number: 1d30
Type: Other
Armor Class:0 (19)
Hit dice : 6
Attacks: Bite 1d4,Claws 1d6 
Saving Throw : 11
Specials : Reanimate & Control dead within a 30 foot radius
Move: 24 
Challenge Level /XP : 7/600

When worlds pass away or are destroyed by violence beyond the bounds of the universe those actions sometimes wrench aside the veil of time & space itself. These actions are so devastating that the angles of space itself are disrupted allowing the infinite energies beyond egress into our space. 
The souls of the departed are sucked into something resembling nothing seen in the normal universe. They gain form from the dreams of the damned themselves & cloak themselves with the remains of physics last vestiges. 
These beings gain a hazy existence within the folds of space empty of all that makes life as we know it. They hunger for the experiences of life again yet it is a thirst that can't be sated. So they wander in a limbo of nonexistence only to be called by the psychic vibrations of madmen & fools. Those  who attempt to bind them to their will are bathed in the hatred of a billion souls churning within themselves with self hatred & the breath of madness. 
These beings will appear within 1d4 hours of being summoned from beyond the Darkness of Madness itself. 
These beings must be called from the edge of an asteroid field. These monsters will thunder out from the lost homelands where they once existed.. Any corpse brought within their radius of effect will become possessed by the passions & energies that flow around these monsters. 
They will have to be bound by the summoner with a successful Charisma roll or they may devour those who call them. 
These monsters scavenge the byways of time  & forbidden space. They know many, many secrets of forbidden places, lost alien worlds, the lonely places where the wind s of time howls to itself before becoming the future. Those who call them better have a good reason or they shall tear his existence apart as they snap his soul in twixt between their jaws.   
These beings are said to roam the haunted worlds that rub the hellish world of Carcosa where they are summoned from beyond regularly for their terrifying insights into damned & forbidden things. They're prices there though for such knowledge is high indeed . 


  1. "cloak themselves with the remains of physics last vestiges"

    great line!

  2. Glad you like this I was blowing off some steam working on these guys. I wanted a scavenger race that was sort of demonic & sort of Lovecraftian. So these are the results! Thanks man.. Not bad for a 4:00 am creation..

  3. Excellent choice in artwork and a very inspired creature as well! Have you considered statting-up versions of all the creatures depicted on all the old Weird Tales covers that are in the Public Domain? That seems like it might be fun...


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