Monday, April 2, 2012

Total Recall Cross Comparability Of Trailers

So by now everyone in over half the world has seen the new trailer for the do over for Total Recall. Now I want you to compare this with the original.

So there's no Mars, lots of action & a budget that's someplace in the neighborhood of 200 million. The same amount that was just spent on John Carter.. Which folks have declared a flop.
Here's the truth in my humble opinion. These are two very different properties separated by years of special effects & writing. I'm taking a wait & see attitude with this one.
 In the meantime go read the original source material.
"We Can Remember It For You Whole Sale"
Philip K. Dick 
This novel is light years ahead of either Aronald's or Collins movies. There are several key elements that don't appear in either film. Dick was a master of the sleight of plot. His books are way ahead of the time with a burned out, slightly used future that actually can be adapted to old school adventuring! 



  1. Loved the original-It looks like Buck Rogers TV series special effects. I am anxious about the new one, because: Jessica Biel vs. Kate Beckinsdale.

  2. The original was classic man & I love it because of the Buck Rogers special effects! The Jessica Biel vs. Kate Beckinsdale fight looks intriguing. I'm a bit torn about the new movie though but we'll see.
    Thanks for the comment & there's more to come with this movie I'll be following up soon!


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