Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Jungles Of Terror - Post Apocalyptic Mars Actual Play

Escaping through the jungles of Mars with some survivors that the party manage to rustle up. The small caravan of 10 survivors trudged their way through the jungle tonight. The game trails were clear but that's what rightly worried the players.
A green warrior got picked off by a nasty  Martian version of the of the flying serpents! The things took 2 more people as the players ran! They passed their animal handling rolls & broke ground as fast as possible on the way out of their only stopping as soon as they got to the first series of marks

That's when the found their first pile of red martian skulls..
 The characters had entered Dark Martian Turf!
They saw their first tripod & it was very quickly followed by sneaking through the jungle quickly, & quietly.
They nearly tripped over a couple of feeding Dark Martians

 These were dispatched very fast & with a natural "20" the fighters had no trouble with them. At least before they encountered the "Dark Master" who was in charge. The "Dark Master" was a 4th level magic user & priest of the elder gods. The bastard had 6 hit points & a mind blast capable of possession.
They ran!
The next 2 round had the party hiding, creeping, & moving silently through the jungles.
Then they heard the drone of an older flying manta

Meanwhile back in the city proper the Dwarven Warrior Cleric who had been turned to stone by a rogue Medusa. Was finally freed from his accused state. After securing his riding lizard he was leaving the city to find his friends after being informed of their current state of affairs. Their patron having been captured & about to be sacrificed to the serpent gods of old.
Before leaving town our intrepid hero bumps into a set of 4 Orkian mercs. The classic pig faced Orcs riding around in a hover truck.
They hurled insults & basically would not give up until they were going to engage him in melee. Needless to say this didn't end well for the Orcs. A few lucky dice rolls & a hammer of chain lightning picked up 3 adventures ago carried the day & so it was off into the wilderness to meet up with the party!
 On the way out of the city our hero passes by hordes of red martians refugees pouring in & the sound of distant war.
He rode for 7 days of subjective story time & entered into the woodlands after asking a hermit/seer the wear bouts of his comrades. After gold was exchanged the seer consulted the crystal psionic matrix & our hero had direction.
A few narrow misses with several scout tripods made him very cautious. Finally he was able to track them down. They were hiding within a ravine pinned down by several tripod patrols. He showed them the way out & now the party is on their way!
 All in all a good solid game for a holiday week! 


  1. You sure run some action packed sessions! Good Stuff!! : )

  2. I do try! The players are certainly enjoying it though!


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