Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leif Ericson Of The Strategic Space Command For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

In his marvelous blueprint poster, Robert Merrill has the following specifications for the
 Leif Ericson
  • Displacement 7,665.7 mt
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 167m (182 yd)
    • Span: 90m (100 yd)
    • Height: 24m (26 yd)
    • Decks: 5
  • Crew 87 (7 midshipmen)
  • Weapons
    • standard 2 Type 3 Heavy Lasers, 57 MIM13 Goblin missiles
    • additional 1 MkIIa Phaser, 18 SIS23 Wasp missiles
  • Auxillary Craft 2 Mk7 Scout/Fighters
  • Stores 6 months standard, 18 months extended
  • Engines
    • 2 Meyer-Hiroshogi Advanced Ion drive engines
    • 4 fusion auxiliary
  • Powerplant 25.2gw GE fission main powerplant
  • Sensors
    • BPS-16c Search Radar
    • BQR-27 Ground Scanner Ladar
    • WLR-32d Passive EW/ECCW
  • Speed FTL 0.03 ly/hr, Insystem acceleration 13 g's
  • Range 130 lightyears at cruise

The Ericson design has proven itself in numerous conflicts across the universe & beyond. The veteran design has been the standby for warships, exploration vessels, & has proven itself for decades. The design is flexible & some consider this design almost perfect. Even more details of this wonderful vehicle can be found Here
This spacecraft makes a perfect adventuring party craft! It can be used in early era  star trek games, Human Space Empire as a command, base craft, etc. Terminal Space gives even more options from adventure location to lair, in addition this ship could be used as a jump off point to take your mutant future crew into space or as the focus of a campaign. Within Carcosa this craft could be wreckage on the surface of the a planet or as a location for addition encounters or artifacts.. 

Leif Ericson of the Strategic Space Command For Terminal Space 

Hull Type: FR {18 structure points, Pilot Skill +0%)
Armor: Reactive (48)
Drive Class: A 
Maneuvering Thrusters: 2 additional Units 
Jump Drive: Yes 
Jamming Systems:-15%
Armamentstandard 2 Type 3 Heavy Lasers, 57 MIM13 Goblin missiles additional 1 MkIIa Phaser, 18 SIS23 Wasp missiles
Ammo: 57 HE Missiles, 13 Long Range Missiles 
Shield Generator: Gamma 
Cargo Space :75 tons 
Other: 2 external Docking Ports, battle bridge 
Also holds: 2 Mk7 Scout/Fighters within its battle hanger 
Addition vehicles including 2 of the following: 
A Land Master 
An Ark II Scientific Lab Portable 

A Mars Unit 

EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle

                                                             The author would like to thank Winchell D. Chung jr. whose marvelous website has given him a piece of his childhood back & allowed him to bring the joys of this model to others .. Absolutely no intention of the violate of the copyrights of the holders is being made. All artwork is the copyright of their respective holders.. You should visit his website right Here


  1. Your Winchell Chung link is malformed... it requires its terminal 'l'.

    While I'm here, keep up the outstanding posting. Both the content and the frequency are admirable.

  2. The link has been fixed & is all set! I'm working on some other stuff for this ship & its attendant relatives ie the DY100s series..
    Thanks for the kind words sirs!


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