Thursday, April 19, 2012

Deep Desert Conflict! Apocalyptic Mars Actual Play Adventure

Tonight's game was a blast! The Party moved across the Mar's landscape being dogged by all sorts of  Sarmak  war machines!
A group of slavers were trying to raid the entire group anyway possible! The three assembled Slaver ships were taken out by combination relic missiles that the party had managed to liberate from a group of Black Pirates last game. 

A group of  Sarmak Manta ships closed in on the party but in the meantime they were able to grab some psi crystals, a bits of precious metals, diamonds, & some other stuff from the wreckage of the Sarmak Raider ships.
However it wasn't quite that easy.
You see I had them keep saving for radiation every time someone entered the wreckage!
Lets not even begin to mention the encounter with the Sarmak Warriors within.
The party had a hell of a time dealing with them. They were armed with a combination of death ray wand & stunners. The death rays did 1d4 points of damage & stunners acted as a ghoul's touch.
It took them most of the night to deal with the warriors. They were able to pry a few diamonds, some psychic crystals, a bit of gold here & there but then a PC didn't make his save for radiation
They were bound & determined that they were going to keep their radioactive booty though! The character passed out & had to be carried right out of that wreckage! They managed to get out right before the Mantas showed up!

Things got serious for them right at after that as the Mantas opened up on the wreckage! The Sarmak will not let their secrets fall into an enemy's hands!

They lit out of there on the backs of their mounts taking the secondary survivors from the Temple of The Plumed Serpent with them! 

The Mantas would not be denied though. They slowly, methodically trailed after the party.

The Fighter with medical training gave the other PC some anti radiation drugs that they had gotten 6 games ago at a red martian trading post!

To say that they weren't happy about being hunted by the Mantas is an understatement! 

They had to come up with something fast! So after another 3 saves for radiation - which they made. The party decided to use a wand that the players had no idea what this might do!

The wand was able to momentarily disrupt the Manta ray's force field. Hatching a desperate plan the Dwarven cleric hit upon the idea of  being hurled by catapult onto the skin of  one of the Mantas!

The player actually succeeded with a natural "20"! Activated his hammer of chain lightning & pierced the skin of the Manta. Death awaited inside however!

The Dwarven cleric came face to face with no less then three Sarmak Warriors !

The battle took the better part of an hour & bought the rest of the party their escape!

Nearly dead from damage & the radiation of the Sarmak the party beat feet while the Dwarf held his ground to the last!
Near death the cleric promised his soul to his god & activated his hammer once again!
He took the Manta down! But it cost him his life! 

Or did it!??
Some of the party went back for him!  Grim was able to hold on for rounds & I milked it for every little bit it was worth!
 I told the player that as the Manta crashed in slow motion his character saw his life flash before his eyes!

Finally after 5 rounds the players were able to spot the wreckage & climbed in to find their friend & companion! 
Battered,bruised, & broken they were able to locate him! A healing potion stabilized him but didn't bring him back nope that took several first aid rolls!
If you thought that I forgot the other Mantas umm nope because we all know that Mantas always work in threes!

The wand? Its charges were all used up! So it was useless!

Heat rays activated & the wreckage melted as the party left! They left the "treasure" behind as well! The radiation was way too hot! The stolen merchandise was not going to be claimed for this game!
They made it back to the city!
Just as one of the city state's flyers caught sight of them!

All of the action took place here!
 The night wasn't a total loss either. The party had come across a map to a lost city!

They have to re-equip & heal before even thinking about tackling this place!


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