Friday, April 27, 2012

High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure- A Burroughs/Bakshi Fantasy Mash Up Monster

The Enturdenglatui -The Peerless 
Type: Undead/Other Hybrid 
Armor:3 [16}
Hit Dice:6+4
Attacks: Weapon, Spells, Touch Causes Automatic Paralysis 
Saving Throw:11
Move: 6
Challenge Level/XP:7/600 

Beyond the most twisted realms of nightmare's depths & the walls of insanity itself there are those things that stir in the darkness of the Outer Darkness beyond. Places where the dreams of ancient warriors whose time is long up pledge themselves to powers from beyond the pale of mortal man's most fevered dreams. 
They are the Enturdenglatui & they are taken where, when, & wherever they are needed by their dark masters. They are beyond all of the mortal concerns of the sons of Adam or the children of the gods. These poor blasted creatures are nothing more then the extensions of their dark masters wills. With foul weapons that drip with the unholy venom & magics of their angry bitter masters they rape,loot,pillage for whomever can pay their wages of sin. They slide among the planes like rats among the walls of the multiverse. The peerless as they are called are rendered faceless & exist as wispy nightmares of once men, elves, & other forgotten races long dead to history. 

The face of evil is always the face of total need.

They may be found anywhere that there is a need for their services. They are warriors of the darkest strip offering neither quarter, mercy, or any human emotion for their victims. They are armed with sword, battle ax , shield & anything else that their master deems necessary.  They fight as 3rd level fighters or better.They will command 1d4 undead warriors or other foul things they summon from the depths of nightmare & sin.
These foul mad bastards are black magicians of the highest caliber of at least 4th level. They command magic as if their very soul swims in the deepest depths of insanity & madness. Because it does even as they walk the universe. Their souls are baubles within the hands of insane gods.  
Each of these foul warrior princes rides a nightmare charger of double hit points & it will serve him for all eternity & beyond. Nothing will stay these creatures from their masters sides. Should their master fall they will return to the nightmare depths of the hells where they serve demon lords. They wait & pray to the foulest devils that their masters will once again be called forth so that they might feel his or her presence upon their backs again!
Should their master somehow be slain they will explode within a foul gout of unholy fire for 1d12 points of damage to everything within 40 yards.  

The evil of these undead things knows no bounds & should they escape the wizard's grasp who summoned them to the mortal plane. They will make every effort to seize power & begin to enslave the populace. They will use foul chemicals & drugs of the most unholy kind to twist the minds & bodies of their subjects. Even as the populace becomes more mutated, twisted, & fouler with each passing day they will cry out for more of their foul wares. These chemicals are spun from the darkness, & nightmares of their victims themselves. A closed loop or foul deed & villainy of the highest order. 

Each of the Enturdenglatui is a walking disease upon the planes themselves but they are as individual as the unholy dead stars that they comes from! There are many men & women who have given their souls & beyond to battle for their masters as puppets & marionettes. Powers, spells, items, & equipment even motives will vary. They all have their roots though right Here
 The utmost caution should be taken when dealing with these enemies of the living for they are the very fingers & claws of their dark masters. From Carcosa to Barsoom from the foulest pits these pitiful creatures will continue to fight,corrupt, & work the insanity of their masters from worlds without end! 
Amen & may the Lords of Light protect us all!  


  1. I statted these guys up for a possible appearance in my Mars Post Apocalyptic game & my Carpathian campaign over my friend Larry's house. I didn't want to add these comments to these mad bastards incase someone might want to use them. I hope you all enjoy them.

  2. This post is perfect! You got Burroughs, Bakshi and Lord of the Rings all in one post! Awesome!

  3. Jeez, Ancient Vaults high praise indeed. I've got lots more stuff coming up including a piece or two about Burroughs, Bakshi and Lord of the Rings campaign arch I'm working on! Next up some post apocalyptic space. Stay tuned!


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