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Planetary Remains & Relics 1d20 Encounter Tables For Your Old School Space Opera

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The Lesser Ower'ra 

The lesser  Ower;ra are pan dimensional cosmic spawn of The Cosmic Titans & Those From Beyond The Outside. They are spawned from the needs & cosmic hellish appetites of their parents. They tear apart the cosmic structure around themselves announcing their birth cries for light years around them.
Many believe that they belong to different order of cosmic life other then the Outer Ones & their spawn. Those who are sentient if such a word can be applied to these things carry with them titles such as Those Which Feast, The Lesser Quar, The Degenerate Spawn of Lor'ra, & Sherrriea, & many, many others. These seek out planets with life for their parents to feast on. Their master/parents reward them with worshipers, blessings of cosmic power, & the table scraps from their feasts if their lucky. 

There are some insane priests who swear that these beings are the final expressions of magic & godhood made manifest. Many of the Ower'ra who fight gods have mocked them with this knowledge. 
Many times the Ower'ra will travel ahead of their parents announcing the 'blessed arrival' of their parents to alien civilizations. Many times they will come in their space craft to simply spread insanity or madness. Some are more merciful & grant a swift death to those their parents feed on.
 The Ower'ra are known to use twisted technologies conjured from the bowels of some other universe of hell & cosmic damnation to create their craft & machinery to help with the feeding of their parents.
 One cult worships them as the avatars of some cosmic punchline. They offer a form of nihilistic salvation  in which the 'blessed' receive a quick destruction at the hands of the Ower'ra. The so called "Cosmic Brotherhood of Oblivion" has over 2 million members & travels with the Ower'ra offering both security & a light snack. 

There are those who say that Azahoth & its spawn allow these monsters to be created so that they will have an endless supply of spawn to absorb & fuel themselves. Some of the lesser Outer Gods hunt the Cosmic titans as well as their children. 
The Ower'ra are often accompanied by a large parade of cosmic parasites that feed on their energies, chaotic energies that induce mutation, insanity, & far worse. Interstellar dragons, asteroid worms,& minor cosmic vortex elementals & the dregs of cosmic divinity serve the Ower'ra hoping to toady to their parents. 

Vulture outfits of mercenaries sometimes move with the spacecraft of the Ower'ra slipping behind after both child & parent have left ruins, cracked planets, & far worse. They collect the profits left behind but they may also become nothing more then a target for adventurers whose desperation makes the vultures targets of opportunity & vengeance. 
The Ower'ra are hunted on all sides by gods, demigods, & heroes. They are an unholy life unto themselves & walking paratime violations. 
The Hounds of Tindalos wait for these beings to fall & then they themselves feast on the left over remains. They tear the remains limb from limb scattering these beings across space & time.
The birth of one of these beings signals the death kneel for the nearest galactic outpost. They are not life as we know it. Their unholy appetites attract the attention of their parents who often have to reign them in before they destroy everything for 40 light years around them. 

All information related to Cosmic Titans can be found Here

A Ower'ra about to give a city over to the unholy appetites of its parents! 

Planetary Remains & Relics 1d20 

  1. Spinning nuclear embers glowing in space. Nuclear fuel. 2000 credits 
  2. An entire city block of nuclear contaminated skeletons. 
  3. 22 metal coated alien beings. 30% of them being alive & trapped within. 20% of the metal being precious 
  4. 4 billion sentients ripped limb from limb. Flash frozen. Museum quality 
  5. Ruined buildings with 1d200 trapped souls within their walls. Worth 3000 credits to a necromancer or cult. 
  6. Bones & remains changed to precious metals. 30000 gold pieces 
  7. 57 "statues" Fine art. 200 credits each 
  8. 48 tons of salt pillars 10 gold pieces each 
  9. AI's insane trapped within an information cloud including 1d6 violent ghosts 
  10. 40 junk robots completely wild 100 credits each 
  11. 1d20 alien news sats. 40 credits each 
  12. 4 survivors alien worth 200 credits on the slave markets 
  13. Bank vault alien & radioactive. Full of gold & skeletons 
  14. 20 empty escape pods filled with green & red powder. 100 credits each 
  15. 1d20 alien flyers 20 credits each with alien remains inside 
  16. 1d10 floaters with 3 hit point alien zombies inside who are very hungry 
  17. 1d6 berserk robots 3 hit points each armed with ray guns 1d4 damage 20" range 
  18. 1d4 space craft empty floating dead 
  19. A sleeping star spawn of Cthulhu. 20 hit points 
  20. An old man, 2 droids, & a princess trying to get to a remote moon in another system willing to pay for passage 
The Hounds are always waiting in the Angles of  Space To Feed! 

Random Interstellar Cosmic Encounter Table 1d20 
  1. Asteroid  Worm # Appearing 1d3 AC 5 HD: 13 Move 12/18 % in lair 50%  Treasure H 
  2. Cosmic Macrosites # Appearing 1d3 AC 7 HD: 14 Move 9 % in Lair 20% Treasure Nil 
  3. A Horde Of Alien Ghosts As Ghosts 
  4. Cosmic  Lovecraftian Parasites # Appearing :3 AC 6 HD: 3  % In Lair 100%  Treasure H 
  5. Minor Planar Demons # Appearing 1-3 AC 7HD :8  % In Lair 20% Treasure Nil 
  6. Tentacled Biomechanical Horror # Appearing 1-3 AC 5 HD: 12 % In Lair 60% Treasure H 
  7. 1d4 alien mercs as Fighting Men. Will open fire as soon as they see you 
  8. Minor Cosmic Horrors # Appearing 2 AC 6 HD: 18  %In Lair 100% Treasure B 
  9. Chaos Elements #Appearing 3 AC:8 %HD :2  In Lair 100 Treasure Nil 
  10. Cosmic Worms #Appearing 1-3 AC 7 HD 11 %In Lair  60% Treasure H 
  11. Planar Phase Spider #Appearing 1-4 AC 6 HD:4   % In Lair 50% Treasure C 
  12. Space Trolls #Appearing 1-3 AC:4 HD : 6  % In Lair 100 % Treasure H 
  13. Alien Space Zombies # Appearing 1-10 AC HD:2 5 % In Lair 100 % Treasure Nil 
  14. Cosmic God Parasite #1 AC 3 % HD 14%In Lair 70% Treasure :C
  15. Will O' Space # Appearing 1-6  AC:8 HD:3 % In Lair 50%  Level Drain Treasure: A 
  16. 1d6 Space Pirates As Fighters Level 2  
  17. Asteroid Worms # Appearing 1-3 AC:6 HD:8 % In Lair 60% Treasure: H 
  18. Chaos Elemental #Appearing 2 AC 8 HD:7 % In Lair:80% Treasure: Nil (Salvage remains 40 GP) 
  19. Little Green Men #Appearing 1-4  AC:3 HD:10 % In Lair 20% Treasure: H 
  20. Azahoth don't bother running its too late! 

The Key & The Gate Waits At The Threshold to Feed! 


  1. These guys are bad news! As always, love the art you pick to enhance the posts, too.

  2. Thanks for the complement. These guys are a result of my reading over the weekend. They were a result of a dream on Saturday. There's more these guys coming. Stay tuned! Thanks again man!


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