Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Sword Of Orion- Actual Play

The players ended up aboard a frieghter out of Rigel heading into Orion space. They were aboard an alien space station on the outer edge of  the Rigel control zone. To say the PC's were edgy is an understatement. They had no idea what to expect.

The Zeta Rica Zerra Station 

Crew: 300 
Visitors: 340 
Power unit : Matter/ Antimatter ring reactor 
Service To : 8 large ship 
Numerous smaller vessels 

This was the type of place that had seen better days. It was an ancient space station that acted as the gateway of Rigel space & they were on shore leave after pulling a 9 month tour through some of the toughest construction jobs this side of the Federation.
They went right into the space bar after passing through customs & got something to drink.
 The trouble began when a fight broke out  between a group of aliens & humans over a woman. At least it appeared to be a woman! 

The fact was that it was a Shambleau & after beating back a disgusted mob of aliens the players helped the "lady" who it turns out was staying in the lower levels of the station.
A bit of scouting around & the players were talking with a White Orion weapons dealer named We'lMkee Night. Mr. Kinght offered the Pcs the rental of some disruptors for a measly 200 credits.

The trip down to the lower levels was uneventful but they continued to look around every corner & shadow.
They almost blew away a dealer making a trade in one of the engineering alcoves.
Finally they made it too the service tunnels.

Waiting for it's servant was a Samark Old Master (4th level Magic User, Mental Blast, 4 hit points)

Things went badly for the group as the treasonous lady revealed herself. Between the claws, her disruptor, & her master the players lost three characters. The survivors drove off the masters & his charge only to find a 'hidden' room full of strangely hanging coma like victims
File:Coma film poster.jpg

There were tubes connecting each & every victim to a series of bottles next to them from which a golden liquid was being collected. The only sound coming from weird medical units & very surprised White Orion scientist 
There in middle was a table full of 'junk' & credits 

The scientist reached for his disruptor & the group blasted him! 
Finally they grabbed the stuff on the table & lit out of there into the light of station. This was only a one shot. They managed to grab 990 credits plus the junk. They reported the room but didn't take the golden liquid. A strange looking man approached the PCs about what they saw in that room but they weren't having it. Any of it

 From the shadows a strange alien watched the party with some strange satisfaction.
The game went very well & everyone had fun for a one shot game. Next week a return to Stormbringer.
We used these OD&D star Trek Rules from  Here  They worked out perfectly for tonight's crossover cheesy game! 


  1. Sounds like a blast! And I was JUST thinking about Coma the other day--talk about synchronicity!

    P.S. Is that disruptor a Klingon make? Looks like the one in my closet (well, the one in the closet isn't as nice).

  2. First thanks for the comment Jay! Coma scared the bat guano out of me as a child. Its one of those films that got under my skin for years.
    Yeah I think its a DS9 model from the show. I grabbed the visual & used it!
    There's more to come!

  3. First off thanks for the comment & an awesome job doing that Character class encounter master list!
    It was great Bill but I think I wrote it a bit umm difficult for them. I wanted to try some new elements for the game & got a chance to use them.
    I basically wrote this in a convention style of game.Fast, deadly, & very, very old school. They loved it & as long as everyone had fun they'll come back for more.

  4. Thanks Needles, wish I could force myself to stick to one mechanic for more than a short while, I'm all over the place! LOL

  5. Your welcome Bill.
    I'm sticking with most of the retro clones based on Original Dungeons & Dragons there's more to come!


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