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Five Treasures & Relics Of The Elder Things

“I have seen the dark universe yawning 
Where the black planets roll without aim, 
Where they roll in their horror unheeded, 
Without knowledge, or lustre, or name.” 
― H.P. Lovecraft

The Elder Things inheritance  is cosmic heights undreamed of by mankind. They're treasures  & relics remain  undisturbed among damned stars that roll through the universe undiscovered & still unknown. The damned fools who find them will uncover horror beyond measure.
The Bio Pulse Crystal Lenses 
Near the Crab Nebula is a glittering treasure of  bio material & polished diamond. Creatures if the word can be used that are part real & part something else. They fly on wings to where the minds of the Elder Things once directed them. The flock is valuable beyond measure & the product of a mad man's dreams

The lenses may be used to alter the genetic structure of any planet it comes into contact with. A whole sale genetic restructuring may be done to the target for 1d20 mutations on a planetary scale. These alterations will be permanent. The species is aloud a saving throw versus poison.
The flock may also be used to focus a series of narrow laser beams across a one light year range doing 1d4 points of damage to whatever is caught within the beam. The flock has 75 hit points & may be directed only by a psionic with telekinesis & telepathy. The psionic must make an extended charisma roll to gain control of the wild & strong willed alien mind of the artifacts. They if the term can even be used are a loose hive mind of strange dynamics & twisting corridors of alien logic. The artifact may be used for 1d20 months after which the psionic will have to make another roll as they will return to their pre-programmed orbits around the Crab Nebula. 

The Strip Mind Of  The Trus Gate 

The Mine is a massive complex in the Trus system. A gas giant twice the size of Jupiter which houses the remains of a once huge methane operation. The elder things harvested this valuable gas on a planetary scale along with any needed organic molecules for use in producing biological machinery. Floating within the atmosphere are giant refinery plants & their biological operations. They continue to create, refine, & store the valuable gases within bio silo containers.
Any psionic who enters the system must save verus wands or be struck dumb for 1d3 rounds as a massive telepathic intrusion gives a complete history, background of the operation, & the vast treasure floating within the giant's atmosphere awaiting pick up.
There are also another danger to the place as well in the form of giant modified shaggoths who eat, maintain, & attack anything coming near the bio complex itself! These 23 hit point monsters are temperamental in the extreme & will destroy anything that comes within 20 miles of the bio complex. The sight alone is enough to put many hardy adventurers off the treasure of this 30 level dungeon floating within the skies of  the Trus gate. 

The Vat of Yin 

This is an artificial ocean created by the Elder Things in their efforts to understand the biological processes of  life itself. The 30000 square mile ocean of biological material has little in the way of a psionic mind but enough of one that it can respond to the thoughts & feelings of its user.
The Vat acts as a biological photocopy machine using the precursor shaggoth material to create "perfect" duplicates of any creature of terrestrial origin placed within it. After 1d4 rounds a blue print is first created followed by a 1d4 round duplicate which will be a perfect copy of the specimen that was placed within the gray goo ocean.
Those who are willing to brave the shaggoth guardians may reach the  control crystal gate way of the ocean & access its mind via the telepathic connection with a successful wisdom roll followed by an extended Charisma roll may risk the sanity blasting knowledge of the Elder Things to create these duplicates.
The duplicate may function as well as the original for 1d3 years. Eventually the flaw in the system will become evident as the monstrous nature of the duplicate erupts into full blasphemous life.
The duplicate becomes a 20 hit point proto-shaggoth with all that it entails. It will do 1d3 points of acidic bio acid damage to anything within reach..
The vat can create any number of these duplicates & anything that it has sampled over the millions & millions of years of operation.
Any originals living or dead placed within will be taken by the ocean for processing. The process completely absorbs anything placed within it. There is no saving throw for this it simply, seamlessly happens. 

Shaggoth Vault #23 
Within the lonely reaches of space is a planet circling the dead stars of the center of the Milky Way. These stars have super dense gravitation pull created by them. A planet sits perfectly balanced within this plane of gravity. The planet is pock marked & pitted with bio metal housings all over its surface. There are telepathic warnings that surround the place in all directions for 3 light years.
Theses are the weapons depot of mass destruction of the Elder Things. These weapons are bio alpha class shaggoths! Weapons/creations that will wreck an entire planetary bio structure completely wiping from existence.
These triple hit dice shaggoths will detonate within 1d20 rounds of exposure to our normal space time reality . They have a mindless need for their own destruction programmed into themselves.
The must be stored within specially prepared bio creatures for use. Each of these 12 hit point creatures is surly, intelligent, & will tempt those who land to release these monsters from beyond imagination.
The place is patrolled by triple hit dice proto shaggoths who will eat any who land here. These protoshaggoths are 13 hit dice each plus 1d4 points of damage from bio acidic
The planet is protected by its unique gravity making any navigation, landing, or planetary runs at a +6. The gravity will do 1d20 points of damage per round as it tears a ship to pieces.
Bio Chamber #22 
This is the storage facility of the Elder Things. The place where the minds of these great scientists & searchers into the forbidden bio sciences are given back to the biological collective of the mind. They are stored within the crystal perfection of a very large bio shaggoth unit. The unit stores within itself billions of minds of these creatures.
This continent sized creature is waiting for its masters to return. It is aware on a dim level of the rebellion of the shaggoths but can not break programming to become or evolve into another form. So it waits & expands its psionic abilities, replays elder thing memories, & plays the biological games of its ancestors.
It is utterly bored.
New creatures have entered its sphere of influence from time to time. The creature if such a comparison can be made to 'normal' life as we know it is able to create psionic/bio duplicates of itself to investigate anything entering within its planetary system that hovers near the stars of Hali.  These bio constructs are 4 hit points each & able to interact with anything within the normal time space continuum. 
The Bio chamber as its come to be called is within itself the real treasure. It will bargain its forbidden contents for stimuli. A potion of the bio chamber will contain 1d6 memories of the elder things & after 15 million years there have been some who have sampled the forbidden fruit.
Those who have are hunted down by the shaggoth guardians or the proto shaggoth bounty hunters who pass among the interstellar community un noticed! 

Elder Thing Random Encounters Table  1d10 

  1. Elder Thing party on a fact finding mission 1d6 members armed with bio lasers 1d3 damage 40 yard. Peaceful & curious. 
  2. Shaggoth guardian 6 hit points & violent! 
  3. Bio bat drones 4 hit points, armed with bio blasters 1d4 hit points of damage 60 yard range. 
  4. Whirl wind of  bio acid death does 1d3 points of damage per round. Summoned by tampering with ruins! Lasts 3 rounds 
  5. Time Travel Slip lose 4 hours rooted to the spot your currently standing on 
  6. Strange echoing piping followed by 1d4 shaggoths 
  7. Proto shaggoth guardian cleaning up some debris & moving about. 30% of attacking if it sees you! 
  8. Giant Gelatinous cube 200 yards wide moves through your area within 1d4 rounds directed by its shaggoth masters. 1d20 random adventurers remains float within 
  9. A giant biological specimen is trapped within bio ice. It telepathically pleads for its life with your characters! Do you free it 
  10. An elder thing grave yard. Hundreds & hundreds of upright mounds with star shaped signs are upon them. Then you hear the piping! 1d6 shaggoths show themselves in 1d4 rounds!


  1. Good write-up dude. You always put together such great material in a complete--but not overly done--format. I like it!

  2. Thanks Jay! High praise indeed coming from you! Love some of the recent stuff in Gamma World War! Thanks for the complement & the comments they're always welcome.
    There will be more to come! Stay tuned!


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