Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update to the Jeff Dee Melnibonean Deities & Demigods art re-creation project

The funding deadline for my Melnibonean Deities & Demigods art re-creation project is midnight on Sunday. The funding goal is higher this time, because this project involves twice as many drawings (so, twice as much work). And ttime is running out!

If you haven't pledged yet, but would like to own signed prints of my drawings of the Melnibonean Deities & Demigods, please back my project today! If you're already a backer (thank you!) and you participate in any social media, whether it's a blog or a podcast, facebook or Google+, please post about why you support this project. Include the link If you can find it in your heart (and your wallet) to increase your pledge amount, that would help as much or more - and you'll get more prints to make it worth your while. Remember, nobody is charged a penny unless the project meets its funding goal. With your help, I intend to make that happen!

I"m just doing my part so that this can happen folks! This is very cool that he's doing this.. Thanks for taking the time to read this one folks 

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