Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rumble In The BlacK Jungle - Carcosa Actual Play

This is a pretty appropriate one. Last night I received a call from my buddy Larry. 'Eric I've got a house full of people & I've got to go out can you handle this?!' Please bear in mind that I'm under the influence of certain mind altering substances. Namely allergy medicines. 
The game was set on Larry's campaign world of Terminus.. So after three round of exploring a temple the wizard fumbled a roll on examining a magic item.
On space/time warp later.. They were on Carcosa... At night.
7 characters one lost temple later that wasn't so lost had the party pounding narrow streets of a strange jungle with black plants. The whole jungle & its surroundings were black. I took a page out of James Edward Raggi IV's book here for the "player #$%er". 

There were 7 players with a wizard & cleric with them. Energy blasts were ringing around them.
Suddenly a corpse dropped from a black tree

The whole thing errupted in a swarm of  worms that tore it shreds in moments.. 

Peter the 6th level fighter of the party got everyone together & protected both their wizard Halvard The Eldrtih & their Cleric.

They hid in the jungle 3 times almost being eaten by rogue dinosaurs!

The dawn brought a very strange sight as the light touched this image. The party knew it wasn't in Kansas anymore! 
 They needed a smoke break at this point to get their bearings & one of the players mumbled something about The Hollowed Earth..I smiled & simply said," You wish". 
Notes About This Game: 
Here's what was really going on:
The party has landed in a hex on the Carcosa map inhabited by a colony of  Tau Endri. The black jungle & its surroundings are from the  old Indiana Jones TSR game. I'm using the Crypts & Things rules to run this.
The Tau Endri are having a philosophical debate with a tribe of red men using energy weapons & the party is right in the middle of  this.
The Endri are led by a grey black magician of 4th level whose powers are being augmented by the rituals from Carcosa.
If the party goes with the red men then they have a chance of not ending up on the sacrifice alter

The red men are down in numbers & magical support. They need help badly because the Tau have both technology from Carcosa & some of their own from their downed space craft. The Endri wish to consume the leader of the red men's heart in order to gain his psionic abilities. 

Smoke break over they move swiftly through the terrain taking stock of their situation. They see the fires of the Endri burning in the distance & decide to leave the valley that their in. 

Fighters & the like shed armor as they go because of the steaming conditions. This group of players isn't stupid they've played on Dark Sun before.
They have a close call with a parasite life form that damages one of the fighters for 1d3 points of damage. He makes his save & has to dig the thing out of his arm with a knife. The cleric Bella The Wise has training in both healing & the miracles of his god. He binds the wounds with a clean bandage. 

The party comes across a downed flying saucer in the jungle..

The saucer is surrounded by hundreds of statues that have been erected within the last 200 years. The mage is curious & wants to investigate them.

The party notes the location on a map & simply tells the mage.. No!

The party comes across a single shoe in a tree left as a trap. They investigate this & are surrounded by red men warriors! Its a Mexican stand off for a few rounds

They wisely put down their weapons & cooperated after the party leader led by example!

Now their being asked to place a strange jungle leech like creature in their ears!
This is where the game ended at 2:00 am
I'm shattered! 
1. I'm using Crypts & Things with Carcosa with an already established 4-6th level group. Not easy but not impossible 
2. The suggestions from the Doomed World Of Carcosa are instrumental in this endeavor. You can find those Here


  1. Sounds like another great session!

  2. I ran this trey with 30 minutes of prep time. Seriously I was chewing the carpeting before the game began. I'm convinced that Carcosa can be a fantastic setting if a bit of effort is put into it. Geoffrey did a great job with it. I wanted to do more with it actual but time wasn't on my side. We ended at 2:00 am & they still had no idea where they ended up!
    I'm going to do more with this setting coming up!

  3. You are a machine! I'm jealous of all the gaming you get in. :)

  4. You are a machine! I'm jealous of all the gaming you get in. :)

  5. Well working from home does have its perks & thanks for the double comments Bill. Blogger the other day was screwing up & seemed to take away one of the comments on your blog.. I can only assume it did this here too ;)
    Anyhow thanks for the comments man! There's more to come! Stay tuned!


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