Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crypts & Things Campaign Actual Play - Descent Into Hell Part III

Recap From Last Week 
 The party is venturing into the old mines beneath the Inn of Twelve Leaves.Its  is a nice quiet country inn with a full larder, nice facilities, warm beds, & a great atmosphere.
 Except for the Lovecraftian Imps who have been let loose by the machinations of a black magician! A brother to one of the fighters in the party.
After a careful search of the entire Inn the party was a attacked by a caustic slime of flesh & other Earthly foulness .Read About That Here & Here

"Ye Awfulness Of Corruption" 

 Type : Other 
Armor Class : 2 [17]
Hit Dice:7 or In Volume To The Number Of Victims Absorbed 
Attack : 1 bite (2d6), pseudo pod [1d4]
Saving Throw: 8 
Specials: Immune to mind control,poison, & disease. Retains cunning, memories, etc of victims 
Challenge level/XP:8/800 
These foul fiends from beyond the pale of the Outer Darkness is made from the very fabric of the other place & the mingled flesh of its victims. Lovecraftian Imps often weave the stuff into a hybrid demonic entity that retains the thoughts, loves, memories of its victims. Their souls swim in the awful corruption that is the entity. Existing in a sort of liquid twilight state. 
The Awfulness retains the hunger of the Outer Darkness & seeks to add more ever more to itself. Black Mages of the foulest types often use these entities to wrench the foulest secrets from the monster's victims.
The stuff may be destroyed by fire or frozen but if the least little bit survives it will begin its foul sins once again.
The Dungeon of the Great Seal 

 The Dungeon of The Great Seal rests under the inn & has served as a prison for the unholy minions of the Great Old Ones for a thousand centuries. The entrance was within the walls of the great fireplace of the inn.  It is the resting place for The Dark Book of Scarfix  &  even now rests there. 
Why didn't the necromancer take the book? Surly he could destroy any opposition? 
Guarding the book, treasure, & the Great Seal itself is an Undead Minotaur put into place & held together by the magics of the seal itself. It is roused into action by the breaking of the great seal. The foul necromancer had to flee for his very life. The great ax of the Minotaur will destroy mortal or immortal with impunity. 

Now they wait for the party for tonight's game plotting, scheming, & who knows what other monsters are down in this foul little corner of hell? 

What of the treasure? The golden baubles, the jewels, etc. that tempt men to their doom for centuries now?
Nothing can cross the great seal except the minions & imps without the whole works coming down upon your heads!

Not even The Dark Book of Scarfix can leave its hellish abode. Surly there have been others through out the centuries & the forbidden knowledge must have spread. 
There could be a cult of The Dark Book of Scarfix waiting, watching & planning even now.
More later when play is over & we see whose still standing! 

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