Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crypts & Things Actual Play - A Foot Fall Into Hell - Carpathian Campaign

The party made their way from the train to the inn & was only expecting a good night's rest. They weren't expecting an evening of  HIGH ADVENTURE!
 The village was quiet & most folks were still out in the field but there was some odd talk of the inn just outside of this little hub of the community

The whole thing was pretty common place but my reputation as a mad bastard dungeon master was secured from a couple of weeks ago. They kept their eyes open & three at the back of their heads for bandits or some other form of violence.
There was none..
 The streets around the place were unusually empty for this time of day.

The inn was quiet infact way too quiet. There were no animals, birds, or any wildlife in evidence
They walked in & there wasn't anyone around at all. 
The party decided to split up & one half went out back to check on the barns.. 
The other half went in to the house proper.
The barn was deserted & there wasn't anything amiss accept a smell of something rotten in the barn. Turned out to be a slaughtered pig! They had swords drawn when the hanging pig's remains were found. 

One of the PC's found a pit of filled to the brim of rot grubs!

It took the two others to save him as the rotten floor boards almost gave out from below his feet 
The other PC's began with the inn's common room which was bigger inside then out.

They weren't liking this at all. Swords, bows, & daggers came out as fast as possible. They began going room to room. 
They're thief listened at each door. At each keyhole was peeked through. 

The sun began to set  & the players got really nervous

 What they were expecting

What they got was an encounter with a "zombie"
Which broke into a set of 9 of the Lovecraftian Imps! The players were stunned & I had to remind them to roll initiative 

They were expecting a fight but the bastards mocked the party instead & ran away!
They had no idea what they were dealing with. A search of one of the rooms revealed a book.

The room belongs to one of the brothers of the PC's whose been missing for some months. Actually the brother is the root of the problem having broken the seal & having fallen to the forces of darkness & black magic some months before. The players don't know this! 

The Black Book of Scariflax 

This book of foul black magic contains the history, biology, & forbidden rites of these servants of the Outer Darkness.The book contains black spells of 1st & 2nd level. The book has rites which act as contact other plane & those who dwell below.
Rumble In The Kitchen
The game really heated up when the one member of the party went into the kitchen to check the larder of food. There was a strange twittering giggle from a far corner of the kitchen.
 The player found the remains of inn's workers, guests, servants, etc.

The player was freaked out as I described the Lovecraftian goo with abandon! Limbs, faces, etc. all floated within this mass of pink brackish stuff!

The Fighter snapped out of it after the stuff reached for him! There was a weird wobbliness wet scream from the thing as it reached to add him to its mass!

The other PC's rushed to his side & quickly dispatched the bastard with flame, fire, oil, & anything burnable. There were plenty of sanity rolls after that encounter.

The party retreated to a room to find out what the hell is going on!

The fighter who suffered the rot grubs had taken a healing potion that he bought from a coven of witches a few adventures ago..
There was a scratching on the PC's door before we called it a night!
That's where I ended it just as they were reaching for their dice... :-) 

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