Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Raiders Of The Lost Pocket Universe - An Empire of The Petal Throne/Human Space Empire Campaign Idea


At the end of the Empire of the Petal Throne timeline there are a number of worlds shoved into pocket universes & dimensions. So over the past couple of months I've been toying with an idea of PCs as merc/raiders gathering magic items & technology from these worlds.
 Now lately I stumbled upon this thread last night on the original edition Dungeons & Dragons forums Here
The idea is sort of  a cross between Firefly & Human Space Empire with small, fast wormhole ships tossed on the planar winds by strange dimensional effects that can wreck a ship as soon as allow one to gain access to a world!
What rules might one use for this sort of endeavor?
I'm thinking Swords & Wizardry back tacked with some of the shiny bits from Crypts & Things! 
  • The magic system that has a sanity rating! Love me some sanity ratings 
  • The saving/throw skill rolls . They work & they're fast. 
  • The limiting of magic which allows me to get the players to think instead of playing with some of the " I cast a spell at the monster & it goes away." 
  • Plenty of monsters to use! Especially the "enemies of mankind" from Empire of the Petal Throne
  • The ships could be designed using Terminal Space! Chronal Radiation might build up on the hull of the ships allowing only so many planar jumps before it has to be bled off.
    I'm also thinking black powder weaponry & Bowie Knives as short swords.. Etc.
    Archaic Energy weapons from Carcosa. Anyhow the PCs are raiders to the various worlds that were folded away into various pocket universes.. The planes are a wild & woolly mix of science fantasy, science fiction, & other stuff.
    There's more to come & an update to the Indiana Jones Stuff soon.

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