Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1d20 Objects & Treasure Lost In Space & Time Table

1d20 Objects & Treasure Lost In Space & Time Table 

  1. A red rain coat with the letters C.S. sewn into the inside of the coat A set of 1d20 superior quality  made thieves tools are secreted in the coat lining. 
  2. A Morlock skull with unusual properties glows from a distant shore 
  3. The license plate of a of a car oddly burned seems to spin when placed on it's side 
  4. Bits & pieces of a police box are scattered about 
  5. 30 pieces of silver with some demonic qualities about them in a leather bag 
  6. A book made from human skin 1d20 random black magic spells are secreted within. The book is locked 
  7. A crystal egg strangely foggy & with a very weird vista inside. 
  8. A rod attached to a glowing crystal at its end. Very strong magic & the the sense that a man can be heard screaming just over your shoulder 
  9. A magic eye that knows all & sees all. Makes the user immune from all poisons. Three vaguely humanoid females follows the user 
  10. A telephone directory of all time & space. Criteria 1980s
  11. A Set of surgical instruments in a plain black bag. An air of evil hovers about them. +2 damage on attacks 
  12. A strange Chinese puzzle box. Very strong magic  
  13. A hover skate board pink with sparkles almost drained of charges. Very beat up 
  14. An Atlantian sword +3 very ancient, angry, & very pissed off.
  15. A bolter pistol almost out of ammo. Pitted & rusted. The letters A.M. on the butt 
  16. A strangely wrought silver key. Very strong magic.. There are letters carved into the handle but the move & twist as you look at them 
  17. A silver sphere broken & pitted. Very strong necromancy & magic about it 
  18. A Shepard's crook with odd magical properties about it & strong time magic attached to it 
  19. A sack filled with toys & food... Occasionally a weapon or play toy version of one. 
  20. A small little girl's doll with an evil grin & the personality to match 


  1. Glad you liked it. I'm working on something for the holiday weekend. Got some new tricks up my sleeve coming soon! Thanks for the comment Trey!


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