Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crypts & Things Campaign Actual Play - Descent Into Hell

Its been about 2 weeks since the player's in Larry's group suffered stumbling into my Crypts & Things campaign based on The Tourist's Guide To Transylvania . The players have stopped at an inn last time. There was something very wrong at from the minute they walked through the door of this isolated village inn!

                     The Tourist's Guide To Transylvania by Count Ignatius de Ludes ...

A Few Notes About The Guide :
The Tourist Guide & its sister book the Dracula collection were essentially a number of science fiction & fantasy pieces with the Transylvania country side of a sword & sorcery universe as its framing device. The books are fantastic. They have zippo to do with the real world at all. Seriously this is a universe where no only is magic real but the countryside is ruled by vampire lords, liches, & black magicians who summon the very powers of Hell itself! 
Faerie exists  but its an uneasy relationship at best. These are the kindly ones version of the fey. A sort of extra-dimensional monsters that can cause all kinds of problems. Count Dracula is eluded to but never given any real consolidation in the book.
There are barbaric tribes, witches, covens of white, black, & grey magicians, & all sorts of powers from beyond. Hell plays a very prominent roll in this book. This is a dimension where the gods of yesteryear roam the countryside plucking victims to feed their dark hungers.. 
I've got seven players & they've covered the range of classes from Crypts & Things 

 Descent Into Hell

The Inn of Twelve Leaves is a nice quiet country inn with a full larder, nice facilities, warm beds, & a great atmosphere. 
The place seems normal enough but underneath its rotten to the core!
The whole place is very quiet & not a soul can be found though out!

 Kitchen, dining rooms, etc all have steaming plates, fresh bread, & other sundries.. As if at any moment the people will comeback...
 The whole place is actually infected with Lovecraftian Imps!
A local Black Magician used the Seal under the inn to contact the Lovecraftian Minions within their underworld prison. After breaking the seal he was cursed by the minions as a  devil boar forever more! The NPC  Black Magician will be dogging the PC's trail for months to come!

Left behind to sweeten the pot of some fool releasing the imps is a treasure. When the seal was created a sacrifice of the local peasants was needed. This was the dowry of a local wealthy land owner's daughter was used along with her as well! The imps will occasionally roll out a coin or two as a temptation but the inn's owner & family ignored them. The treasure now lays abandon.

Under the inn is the underworld prison of the imps. Its loaded with over a hundred of the little bastards. It seems to go on forever!

Only the spells from the The Dark Book of Scarfix can close the seal once more! 

Lovecraftian Imp

Type: Other 
Armor Class: 4{15}
Hit Dice :2-3 
Attacks 1 claw {1d4}, or 1 bite {1d6}
Saving Throw:17 
Special: Immune to Non Magical Weapons, Weakness silver, Illusion Generation - when 1d4 minions work together they  may create an illusion of a person or monster, Leaping attack 20 feet 
Move : 18 
Challenge level/ Xp:2/30 per monster 

Sealed away in the dark corners of the Earth these least minions of the Outer Gods & the Great Old Ones await the time when the stars are right again. They have laid beneath the ground for millions or years & will wait for another million years. They are released by humans from time to time  due to carelessness, sloth, & other acts of sheer stupidity & greed. 
They loath humans but are easily amused by the careless attitude of mankind. These creatures are blight upon humanity & will take their time for revenge, murder, & petty acts of cruelty whenever they can.
The monsters are ruled over by their demonic lords & unholy masters

These monsters will form pacts with black magicians & in exchange for their souls, worship, & vile deeds they will provide spells, weird secrets, & forbidden knowledge but all with the aim of providing them freedom upon the Earth. They seek to make the world ready for their masters return. 
Those who do so are forever marked by their pact & master with the sign of their foulness as an enemy of mankind.

There is a third being that is seen among them known as the minion. These monsters will grant forbidden knowledge & are far more intelligent then their lowly counterparts whom they rule over. They will grant small favors with an the intent of tempting the black magician to delve further & further along the path of depravity & insanity!

Only an act of purity & bravery will seal these foul demonic monsters back in their underground hells again. These creatures are a foul blot on the face of the Earth & must be dealt with the utmost caution. 

Note: Apparently The Gate is being remade for this year & being shot in Germany & Canada. The creature effects are being designed by H.G. Giger!  


  1. That Tourists'Guide to Transylvania sounds really cool, and nice work on the Lovecraftian imp.

  2. Thanks Trey I can't claim credit for the Imps. They came from the Gate a favorite grade B movie of mine. The Tourist's Guide To Transylvania & I have a very, very long history. There's more to come & thanks for the comment much appreciated!
    I've got plans with that Guide & The Dracula collection!


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