Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Plumed Serpent Temple - Return To The City - Actual Play


Just to recap - The players the last time we played went to the temple of the Plumed Serpent & left with their tails between their legs as the Npc mercantile family's forces were wiped out & the patron of their expedition was captured. Their heading back through the Dark Martian turf  now.
What will the group being expecting within the deep woodland? Something like this
Random Deep Woods Martian Encounters Tables 1d10 
  1. A party of slavers 3 hit points 1d6 members armed with swords & radium pistols. They have an errie serpentine cast to them 
  2. 1d4 Scout walkers armed with teleforce weapons 4 hit points each & looking for prey animals 
  3. A pack of wild cadlots 1d4 2 hit points each more serpent then animal 
  4. A group of  worshipers on their way to give thanks to their Dark Martian masters 1d4 handlers armed with spears, radium rifles, & short swords 
  5. An 'Old Master' Mesmerist summoning his ancestors from an ancient alter. Armed with a radium rifle 4 hit points 

  6. 1d6 serpent men scouting party armed with sword & ancient plasma weapons 1d6 points of damage 60" range 4 shots each  3 hit points 20% of 2nd level wizard 
  7. 1d6 humanoid slaves taking food stuffs back to the slave compound will sound alarm if they see a party 
  8. 1d6 Manta Walker/Hover tanks out on patrol. Armed with heat rays 1d8 points of damage & wing plasma casters 1d6 points of damage range of  300 yards for both weapons. 8 hit points each 
  9. 1d6 Tripods full armed collecting slaves & food armed with heat rays & black smoke weapons 1d8 on the heat ray & 1d4 on the black smoke. Stunning tentacles 1d3 points of stunning damage. 200 yards range on the weapons. 4 hit points each. 
File:London 176.jpg

So its rumble in the jungles tonight ! 

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