Thursday, April 26, 2012

James Ward's Health Update

I can't tell you how much of an impact James Ward's worlds have had on me. So I'm a bit dismayed when I read this. 

From the @Metamorphosis Alpha page: 
Friends, early next week Metamorphosis Alpha creator James M. Ward is going in for lung surgery. Thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes appreciated. This surgery should be a positive step in restoring Jim's health and strength. We're very hopeful he'll be on his feet soon!

Cards & Well Wishes Can Be Sent Through The Address Provided By The Kick Start!
Right Here

All my thoughts & prayers go to the Ward family & for James to make a full & utterly flawless recovery. Send him a card & your well wishes.
 James could also use some help with his medical bills via The Help The Warden Fund.. 


  1. Also, folks who want to help Jim with his medical bills are encouraged to donate to the Bail Out The Warden Fund:

    Bail Out The Warden Fund

  2. Thanks for the links Sniderman!


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