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The Mega Dungeons Of Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade Part 3

The Castle Brunwald on the Austrian border is a likely location for a Universal horror film rather then a residence for a major player in the art world. The castle is a little past the town of Salzberg Austria. It has sat for centuries & is the seat of power for the Baron Brunwald.
 The fog shroud peaks surrounding this mysterious place hold many secrets including the whereabouts of the Baron himself.

One one person seems to have all of the answers about this place & its mysterious inhabitants
Once again only the beautiful Dr. Snider seems to have all of the answers. Yes she's high placed within the German Archaeological Institute but she is also giving orders to an SS general..  Snider is a high placed deep cover agent of a sect within a sect. An agent of both the Nazi party & the Thule who insists that she serves the Grail. What is her connect to the Brunwalds? 

For that matter who are these mysterious patrons of the art? The very fact that we know nothing about them is suspect. 

A theory of mine is that Dr.Snider was induced into the Thule through the Brunwalds as a friend of the Sniders as a child. The very fact that she has incredible knowledge of forbidden secrets is suspect. Under that head of hair is the mind of a ruthless & cleverly cunning lady who will do anything to acquire the forbidden knowledge that surrounds the Grail at every turn. 
What is about the Castle itself? The place is rife with secret passages & the Nazi SS. The place is a command center in the search for occult relic as well as an SS spy hub.. 

Why hold Dr.Jones senior here? Hmm perhaps because their other relics that the Nazi have collected across the world here. 

The place may also sit at the center of the local ley lines that stretch across  Europe itself. There might be hidden vaults of items, libaries within. We only get the barest scratches across the surface of the castle itself. Then there's the Nazi themselves. Why are there crates of new ammo, new weapons, supplies within the castle's lower levels? Because Brunwald is a supply point for both the SS & the Red Skull's forces.
Yeah that's right the Red Skull! 
The Occult Wars don't end until 1958 with the death of Adolf Hitler.

The architect of this whole affair is the puppet of both Hitler & the Thule. I'm speaking of that patron of the arts. Walter Donovan...

"Didn't I warn you not to trust anybody, Dr. Jones?"
―Walter Donovan
This multimillionaire survived both the Great Depression & the emerging war machine in Europe. He has a fifth avenue apartment in Manhattan & is one of the heads of the Donovan Mining Concern. Walter is associated with both the Nazi party, the SS, & the Thule. 
Yet his roots go so much deeper into Austria & beyond. Donovan Senior may have introduced his young son into the ways of both business & the occult. The Brunwalds might also have been family friends & colaborators with this man whose ties to the slime of humanity allow him to move 5 steps ahead of the rest of Europe & beyond. 
There's another person who will step right into the wealthy shoes that Mr. Donovan leaves behind. Mrs. Donovan can easily establish the Donovan Foundation & continue  her late husband's unholy works. Are there children that Mr. Donovan leaves behind? 

Despite the two Dr. Jones the fire & the escape do little to the Castle Brunwald! Seriously the infrastructural characteristics  of the castle are still there to cause grief to any treasure hunters who happen by for a comfortable stay

Who knows who other treasures await those who will brave the Nazi & the terrors of the castle itself.

The other possible uses for the castle is that it is part of a network of SS strong points & emergency supply lines to the rest of the inner mechanisms of the Nazi. 

 Ten Possible Uses For The Castle Brunwald 

  1. There are other levels to Brunwald that we don't get to see. The real dungeons, the hospital operating theaters, the underground labs, the ware houses. All being built, & in a One Year later campaign utilized to their full extent. 
  2. The Brunwalds themselves might be another family of occult art collectors. You can fill in what you like with them. They're blank slates & for that matter is an family that Dr.Snider had. 
  3. The Red Skull might have been utilizing that secret SS supply line for a while to funnel what was needed to him by war's end & beyond. 
  4. The castle is just the sort of place that the organization behind Hellboy would raid or have run ins with & makes a perfect location for any Call of Cthulhu adventure 
  5. There are still secrets at Brunwald. Dangerous secrets that call to things beyond the pale of man. The characters are drawn their in the modern age. Perhaps something is coming from beyond. 
  6. The ley lines that were tapped by the Thule have begun to weaken & something is haunting Brunwald. Something that wants in.. 
  7. The Nazi weren't simply gathering relics from this world's this world's history but the Hyborean Age as well. There are sinister relics of the Black Sun & the Black Moon still within the walls of the castle. The stars are almost right & the undead of the SS stir within their uneasy shallow graves even now. 
  8. The players are contacted by a private art collector who wishes a certain treasure recovered from Brunwald. Can the characters recover it right under the noses of the SS?  
  9. The ghosts of Brunwald don't rest uneasy at all & one of them seeks out the party in an effort to feel itself from the twisted magics of the Thule dare you help 
  10. The power of the Red Skull is rising in the shadow of Brunwald & only you can prevent his clone from coming to life under the influence of the Black Moon using stolen Atlantian  magic & technology stored at the castle. 

From Brunwald where will the trail lead next? 

When at Castle Brunwald don't forget to view their fantastic collection of tapestries! 

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