Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post Apocalyptic Mars Actually Play - Life In The Big City

The Ruins of EQRy'ra  a ziggurat that appeared over night after a sand storm uncovered it from the  red sands of  Mars 

 The party are now back in the city state & things are changing at very fast pace since their last outing a new power is re-powering, retrofitting, & helping the space port facilities!
Who is this new power? There's more activity back in the desert as well! 
Why is psionic activity blanked the face of Mars? 
A sudden sand storm last week uncovered some very interesting ruins within the bottom of an ancient canal bottom. News of this has brought every green warrior for miles to them! 
The ruins in they're hey day?! Who knows? The party will tonight ! 

Random City State Street Encounters 1d10 

  1. Red men Inca like warriors 2nd level fighters equipped with blasters & power flint swords +2 
  2. Greys technicians 1d4 armed with wands of pain 1d3, 2 hit points each 
  3. Thork warriors 4 hit points each & very intelligent. Bone armor,short swords, & shields. Quiet & Introspective. Could be up to something. 
  4. Red Highlanders warriors in religious dress. 1d6, 1st level warriors armed with ceremonial swords, daggers, & radium pistols 
  5. First Born pirates/traders with wares. Will not fight. Surrounded by green warrior/bodyguards/slaves 3rd level fighters. Short swords & long swords. Radium pistols 
  6. Water Merchant 2nd level selling wars from across the face of mars. Some with special properties 
  7. A group of stray cadlots 3 hit points each & very hungry 
  8. Escaped slave being pursued by red bounty hunters. He pleads for his life. There are several strange scars around his major organ areas 
  9. A white martian scientist with handfuls of weird tech comes racing out of a building followed by a series of explosions & human screams. He throws down the tech & waves at you screaming something in high Martian 
  10. A jeddak's parade with him in attendance stops & he approaches you to "talk" 

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