Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ugg-sth Flicker Cats A Monster For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

Flicker Cats 
Number Appearing: 1d4 
Type : Other 
Armor Class:3 {16}
Hit Dice:3 
Attacks:Bite {1d6}, 2 Claws {1d4} 
Saving Throw :16 
Special: Pass Through Walls, Partial Physical 
Challenge/Level: 2/30

These extraplanar monsters take the form of black cats drawn to places of misery, past violence, & conflict. They will lair within the local astral plane within the rolling waves of unreality & peer through the veil into the here & now waiting for prey.
They can sometimes be seen just outside of the vision of normal or unaware folks & require a check on wisdom just to sort out the monster from the real. They are a strange unholy combination of dream, essence from the angles beyond time, & human expectations left from the unfilled desires of a broken life.
When finally seen it is far too late for the victim. The creature appears as a wispy alien cat of monstrous aspect & will attack with all abandon.  Claws of unholy aspect will part flesh from bone, & the release of terror, fear, & bloody unholy murder feed the creature's alien appetites.  The act of feeding will call others to the supper of blood & fury.  The creatures will finish the victim off only to chase the spirit of the victim through the astral. This is merely a diversion for the beast.
 They are not  intelligent in the conventional sense but display a diabolic cunning that defies most quires  of intelligence. They may be summoned by a summon monster spell but woe to the mage who summons one without a circle of protection. The spells work too well often summoning 1d30 of the monsters which will swarm a mage unless a word  or name of power is used upon them.
 The monsters may be found in any world drawn through the angles of time & space itself. 

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