Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Space Serial Encounter Table For Your Retro Future Space Fantasy Game

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Random Space Serial Encounter Table

  1. A group of half dead adventurers in a home built space craft badly in need of medical attention. Vandermer generators offline! Craft will explode in 1d20 rounds. 1d6 personel on board. 
  2. Invaders from beyond space & time. 1d10 3 hit point warriors armed with blasters! 
  3. A Vallian relic ship complete with 1d10 undead warrior beasts just waiting to be explored 
  4. 'That's No Moon!' A fully battle planet winds its way through space partially in ruins & partially being run by a demented A.I.  1d6 star fighters aboard 
  5. A haunted asteroid full of traps & tricks created to an alien tyrant a million years dead 
  6. A flying saucer death machine crewed by robots 4 hit points each & armed with eye blasters 1d3 points of damage is looking for a planet to conquer 
  7. A valiant crew of astronauts has been infected with a space parasite. They will warn off any attempts to help them 
  8. A 3 million year old Martian sleeper ship is full of Thark warriors. They are returning to a dead mars. Each warrior is 2nd level & 6 hit points each. They have energy weapons aboard 
  9. A medical transport is actually a plague ship! There over 300 victims aboard in hypersleep. There is a 20% that after all these centuries they're zombies!  
  10. A treasure ship laden with 1d30 ancient relics has just broken warp. There are 1d30 guardian monsters aboard. There are the remains of past adventurers aboard & an atomic bomb in the hull that will explode if the relics are taken off ship. The DM must come up with the solution 


  1. Very cool. You sure those Thark warriors on the sleeper ship aren't really eugenically bred Thark supermen? ;)

  2. Depending on how my players react they just might be! A great comment and they will be encountering these soon. There's more to come!


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