Thursday, April 12, 2012

Post Apocalyptic- Mars Actual Play - Life In The Big City Take III

 Life In The Big City Take III 

The party stumbled into each other after they met on a game trail out of the woods with the refugees in tow behind them fleeing from the Temple Of  Plumed Serpent. 

Events don't happen in a vacuum. So here's what's been taking place during their recent "adventures" 
  1. The city state of Thovus Thoon has suffered a series of  3 separate attacks by tripods. 
  2. The main atmosphere processing plant for the city has been damaged as well! 
  3. The city psychic battery  has been damaged as well & several of the city's best minds have been stolen by from the central council by the Sarmak! 

The party stumbled upon a battle field of the tripods that destroyed  the red warriors of the city state.

The whole field was a mess of bodies, wreckage, & the undead scavengers had settled in for a meal 

There was a mix of ghouls & zombies for the feasting! The party wasn't happy about this at all!
 These things started eyeing the party as fresh meals on lizard mounts!
Their dwarven cleric was able to turn the Lovecraftian horrors .. for a time but they kept trailing the party as well.
Here & there wandering among the carnal mounds were zombies

Then abruptly the undead left in a big hurry!
There was a rumble from under the carnal pits & the eerie red glow of a tripod erupted from the mounds of dead flesh!
A scout tripod survived the battle & was looking for flesh blood & flesh for its crew!

It took a combined effort of the six members of the  party to bring the bastard down.
They had to flee before the reactor of the tripod went critical!
 Finally after a series of detours & switch back paths through the brush & what not they came upon a group of  refugees from the South. These poor people were fleeing the downfall of their city!

For the first time the party looked into the face of war in the form of these poor downtrodden wretches. The bard was able to lift the people's spirits on their way back to  Thovus Thoon.
The party separated from the refugees & began the act of resupplying after a long journey into the wastelands & jungles.
After wandering around for a time the party gets hired by a slave from another merchant house. Their bard is too play at a wedding & they shall be provided with meals,rooms, & boarding for their lizard mounts

 During the preparation for the wedding the party finds out that the bride is actually the betrothed to the other noble house's son who was lost at the Temple of The Plumed Serpent. She has already given him up for dead!
The rest of the party is hired as bodyguards by the same noble house!
The guests begin to arrive & everything seems to be going smoothly until the dwarf smells a rat literally! 

One of the 200 plus guests isn't what he seems!

The other family has hired assassins to take the bride out! In this case these aren't your ordinary assassins! These are wererats assassins with all of  the powers that go along with them!
It takes them the rest of the night to deal with these bastards & all of the powers at their command!

I ended this one on a cliff hanger with the last of the were rats escaping with the bride into the city! 

The last thing they saw is a flyer leaving the scene of the crime & the city! 
Do they A. Go after the flier or B. Clean up the mess between the two rival families. What of the   man whose about to be sacrificed at the Temple Of The Plumed Serpent! What is the connection to the Wererats. How did wererats end up on Mars! 

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