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Crypts & Things Campaign Actual Play - Descent Into Hell Part 4

The Dungeon Of The Great Seal 

The party descended into the darkness of the the dungeon of the Great Seal tonight. There were seven in the party & not all of them made it out alive! 
The party lit their torches & felt something going crunch right under their feet... Every single step of the way.

The floor of the dungeon was made from the bones of past victims humans & other wise. There were centipedes & worse swarming through the bones. Bits of gold & metal whatnot gleamed in the torchlight.
The party watched several rather oversized carrion crawlers make their way around the remains. They doused the torches for a moment letting the things pass.
 The party awoke the undead Minotaur who was the guardian of this former mine/dungeon.
 The horrid  thing finished off one of the party.
Thura of Western Planes went to his ancestors as the mockery of life pried itself from its resting place fused into the wall & attacked the party! Its battle ax cutting down the barbarian with 2 swipes of the foul metal death! Thura warned his team mates of the danger. 

The party finished it off with oil, steel, & team work!
They still had a job to do.
Down the party went into strange organic corridors mixed with rock & stone. The place seemed to almost breath like a human lung.
Upon the second level they found 2 demon lords fused with the earth acting as supports for the alien realm.
Fungus grew everywhere here.
Peering at them were Lovecraftian Imps. Over 20 of the little unholy bastards. Black Rlusi -The Dualist (2nd level fighter armed with 2 short swords) was attacked by a swarm of these things & despite the efforts of his team a series of bad dice rolls made his demise something that couldn't be avoided.
The party avoided the violet fungus that were mixed in with the other giant mushrooms.
After a short flaming oil bath the party found the stairs leading down to the 3rd level. 
Here the party found the sick & twisted remains of ancient victims & the alter where Dark Book of Scarfix was kept. 

Near the alter was the ancient treasure where the imps were playing with their ancient baubles. 2 quick shots from the Mongolian bows of the thieves made short work of the demons. The bows were fletched with silver tipped arrows found upstairs.

The party learned the history of the former mine from an ancient spirit trapped within a cauldron. The daughter of a former owner of the inn.
She revealed that in days long past the place was the former site of a mine when the first of the ancient barriers & elder signs were broken. The demons ravaged the land just as the would now. The villagers fought back finally hiring heroes to banish the imps. A local landowners daughter sacrificed herself to seal  them away & the Great Seal was erected. The inn was built & over the place but its original purpose was long forgotten. Now a foul necromancer had freed the imps once again!
The inn's current owner, his servants, wife, children, & guests were the  Awfulness Of Corruption that the party had fought upstairs!
 The party was finally confronted with the Great Seal & literally had to fight their way through what seemed like hundreds of the Lovecraftian imps
After what seemed like hours. The party was confronted by the real culprit  of this debacle.
Ardrus The Necromancer(3rd level Black Magician)  - The brother to the Baron Valdamer Von Crous (2nd level fighter). It was he who had used the Black Book to release the imps & was about to ravage the land. The two fought & the baron was victorious sealing the breach with the blood of his brother!
The rest of the party fought 1d20 more imps! 

The imps were cleaned up by the rest of the party &  the party thought they had defeated Ardus. But Ardus is a wereboar & escaped into a series of side tunnels.
Then the treasure proved to much for Light Fingered Illian (2nd level thief). This brought the entire inn down upon the ears of the party. Only a timely escape down the same tunnels that Ardus used to escape.
The party escaped into the morning light only to hear the whistle of their train!
The curse was put to rest or is it?
The party learned of the Cult of Scarfix the authors of The Dark Book of Scarfix itself. They helped the Ardus in the first place. What other deadly secrets do they hold? 

 The  adventure is concluded for now..experience was handed out, levels were gained, & the Great Seal is back in place (for now)...  Go in peace 

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