Friday, April 6, 2012

More Time Lost Random Objects & Treasures 1d10

More Time Lost Random Objects & Treasures 1d10

  1. A strange silver sword with glyphs of law that shines in the light at odd angles.. The sword radiates strong magic &  seems to hum ancient dirges to forgotten gods.. 
  2. A small black Sphinx statue with a haughty expression. Radiates very strong magic. 
  3. An expertly made miniature Victorian looking time machine with a cigar in the pilot's chair. +6 for constructing or creating a new full scale machine 
  4. A number of gears, parts, etc. all marked "way back machine" A talking dog & his pet human will be along looking for these in 1d4 rounds 
  5. A pocket watch with star like markings & an ominous ticking sound that seems to surround one when holding the watch. The feeling of alien eons bears down on the holder & strange voices seem to echo though out time & space when holding this watch. 
  6. A book bound in human flesh 12" by 12"  with a face on its front cover will call the name of the PC who finds it. There are 1d8 spells of the blackest magic contained within 
  7. An ancient looking electronic apparatus marked Star Fleet. This unit has been heavily modified with tubes, spark gaps, etc. The unit will allow one to view 1d20 years in the future or the past.. It will disappear within 1d6 days though lost to the winds of time & space. 
  8. A Fez which gives +2 Charisma & bow tie +1 to dexterity 
  9. A strange crystal wand that radiates strong magic will cause a disruption & rip in the local space time continuum if used for magic 
  10. A 6 " black clock covered in strangely wrought alien pictographs. It chimes very low when it first appears & there are three small rooms inside of it. It will whisk the characters away to be lost in time & space if they step inside it. It has an evil intelligence & mean streak a mile wide.

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