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Prometheus & The Mega-Dungeons Of West World

This little piece of brilliant viral marketing came out yesterday. It reminded me that there this is going to be a cool little movie but the its pretty creepy in an Apple Ipod sort of way. The fact is that we're all ready forming an emotional attachment to David with this commercial.If you want to play something like David go Here
It reminded me of  2001 A Space Odyssey

I'm not going to talk to you about the Weyland Corporation  but one of its biggest rivals. That giant in the entertainment industry.
The Delos Corporation

The Delos Corporation has been providing entertainment to exclusive vacationers for a very long time. Make  no mistake though. They're using over 27 different Wayland patients within their "artificial person" companions, workers, etc. Delos is just beginning to get into the other end of the artificial/robotic game. A shrewd combination of entertainment industry insider know how & cutting edge vacation packages has made Delos a force to be feared within the high technology & entertainment industries.

With the three tier worlds within their vacation complexes throughout the world at large & several complexes off world. Delos presents a ultimate vacationers paradise. Live the life of a cowboy in West World. Be a noble within the lusty medieval world while exploring dungeons dark & deep. Explore the truly deadly world or Roman politics or experience the orgies of days gone by.
 We've all seen the advertisements!
Delos continues to cater to the tastes of a jaded humanity & there are rumors of them having their hands in at least three different mishaps with androids in the past. Now that Delos has started there off world adventures who knows what the future holds 
10 Reasons each Delos Android Are Superior
  1. Infra red tracking & facial recognition characteristic programming 
  2. Each android has learning & rational thought learning capable programming upgrading its skill sets every 48 hours 
  3. Each android has a lawful alignment until a computer glitch might switch the alignment to Chaotic 
  4. Each android may harbor a grudge against a PC that it encounters 
  5. Androids may conform to the Npc classes except a wizard or magic using class 
  6. Mutant Future's first 2 types of androids confirm to the Delos classes of android 
  7. Androids of  beta & alpha classifications may be resistant to certain types of damage 
  8. All Delos androids are completely immune to all mind effecting powers 
  9. Delos androids can operate within a number of hostile environments & are immune to poisons & gases  
  10. Delos androids must be mind wiped after each 72 hour park events or may become rogue or worse..

With Delos expansion into the Outer Rim Territoriality there are endless opportunities for the weekly corporate executive to indulge their passion for violence 

The Delos corporation is believed to be expanding is franchises into other areas as well as the current West World amusement parks. Taking full advantage of the lack of laws within the galactic community they're are said to be plans to expand the concept to other eras & even live action fantasy!
West World & The OSR 

The Delos corporation was one of the first faceless megacorporations  from back in 1973. We know very little about the megacorp but it makes perfect fodder for a post apocalyptic game, a great switch around game setting for fantasy.
The entire park is a megadungeon with the labs under & behind the park. The idea here is that David is the 8th generation but Andies would revolutionize their settings. There would be endless possibilities for a Dm to use them. The integration of the technology would allow Delos to dominate but never overtake Weyland Yutani. They are in fact a product of the very technology that Wayland supplies to the universe.
Delos In Other Settings 

There might be dozens of Delos out in the universes.
For example
A ruined version of the park might be available in Carcosa overgrown with alien plants. The androids still carrying out their programming. Then at an opportune moment they strike killing a member of the party. Or they might join the party
Metamorphosis Alpha - The players wake up normally surrounded by mutant Npcs, animals, etc. except that the worlds of West World are on separate decks. Perhaps they're also androids as well & not realizing it. 
An isolated location, a group of murderous androids, & a mysterious group of ancient known as the Delos just another day in the Mutant Future!
A mixture of Labyrinth Lord & Mutant Future would allow a whole new meaning for  that Dragon which might add a really weird twist to your latest game.
Human Space Empires might have a whole other twist on Delos by using replicants or even clones. Is there a special class of hunter from the Human Empire era?
Could Delos be used as a relic from humanity's decadent past? A major resource that the Human Empire might exploit? 
Terminal Space offers some of the best opportunities to use this material. A fantasy game is ripe with the characters being lulled into a false sense of security when the planet full of constructs is revealed to be! Then the real problem comes when they turn on the party! Then there might even more strange monsters lurking behind the scenes! 

On a related note The Weyland Industries site has updated again! This time unlocking even more Prometheus material! Right Here


  1. These are some awesome ideas Needles - great stuff! I really like the notion of two competing manufacturers, SO MUCH to mine from that. Great examples too for Carcosa, MF, etc. Fun!

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. Glad you liked this one Jay & it was an awesome job with your player Class for David! Very nicely done! There's more Prometheus inspired madness to come! Thanks again for the comments!


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