Monday, October 31, 2016

1d6 Random Encounters With Dangerous Occult NPC's Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are dangerous agents, outlaws, and adventurers who can be encountered upon the streets and shores of Atlantandrias' port city of Accursed Atlantis. These beings pursue their own hidden and dangerous agendas often purposely putting themselves in the paths of adventuring parties for an advantage and sometimes  for violent ends.
Each of these beings has a 60% chance of having some minor artifact or magic item upon their person recently acquired and with weird ties to the current adventure in some regard. Often times these NPC's might be in the employ of a wealthy and poltically dangerous patron who will be more then happy to seek revenge upon some group of upstart adventurers.

These types of adventurers can be more then a match for many parties in terms of level and the amount of influence they wield on a local level especially among the various criminal connections that they possess.
1d6 Random Encounters With
Dangerous Occult NPC's Table
  1.  Tiberous Theious The Enchanter - This 7th level black occultist & outlaw scavenger is a pinched faced man of middle years. He wields considerable magical power & haunts the wastelands of many worlds in search of treasure from lost mythical cities and peoples whom he sells to his supernatural patrons. He often uses his magical abilities to relieve parties of adventurers of treasure and relics. This man has deep ties with local thieves guilds and outlaw tribes often splitting the profits with them. He is fond of torture,murder and extortion. 
  2.  Ruru's The Blind Seer - This mutated being has no eyes and is yet able to see with a radar sense. He is a 7th level assassin & kidnapper who specializes in killing wizards with a +3 enchanted dagger which he keeps in a low slung sash. He loves to slay wizards for the right price for high paying patrons. 
  3. Rell The Black Prince - Part demon and man this being is actually a demon who has been bound into human form for several thousand years. He hates adventurers blaming them for his condition and seeks to slay anyone he runs across searching for a relic to send him back to his original nameless chaotic alien Hell. This thing is  prince of the lower astral realms and seeks that which can help him. 
  4. Sab'ri The Chaotic - This shape shifting assassin and thief seeks out the basest of crimes; in order to bring her to the perfection of ultimate chaos. She murders and maims all in the name of her ancient Chaos god thing. She is blood thirsty, smart, and very dangerous. 
  5.  Gark' Lom - This demonic agent of a lower power is seeking the soul of a pure hero to slay for his master. He is a 7th level fighter and rake of the cold Hell's. He acts as an in between for many demonic powers and makes dangerous bargains for his masters and servants. He uses a dagger of venom and soul taker sword 
  6. N'u Dra The Mistress of the Black Void - This ancient wizardress is wielder of dangerous magicks and demonic powers who hunts the souls of her victims across life times and seeks the purist soul she can get. She will murder and slay anyone or anything that gets in her own way. 

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