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1d20 Weird Pulp Wasteland Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The wastelands are full of strange & eccentric characters as well as encounters with the weird & supernatural. One does not know whom one is dealing with in the wastelands regardless they could be adventurers, outlaws, or even wizards. Caution should be used when approaching these beings for they are unknown qualities. These beings are travelers & survivors of the apocalypse who might no even be from this world. They might be beings who simply wear the shape & disguise of humanity or even mutant kind.

There is a 10% chance that these beings might have some super science relic or strange magical device. A 2% chance that this item might be a named or unique item. There is also a 40% chance of the being having a major mutation or high level magical ability.


“Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability.” ...
HP Lovecraft

1d20 Weird Pulp Wasteland Encounters Table

  1.  A wasteland prince of 6th level fighter abilities who is traveling with his crew of faithful 4th level warriors searching for his father's killer. He will ask PC's if they've seen a seven fingered mutant while in the wastelands. 
  2. 1d8 mutant warriors looking for the wizard who mind wiped them & then exiled them into the wastelands. They are men on a mission from what they believe is a wasteland god. 
  3. A small 1d10 group of tcho tcho warrior midgets looking for the wizard who has their village's relic god idol. 
  4.  A lone wasteland knight of 4th level looking to recruit adventurers for a mission to slay a scorpion mutant horror in the wastelands. 
  5. Small ancient floating idol head creature that is actually front for the god Odin whose on a mission to recover a set of magic golden rings that are his by right. 
  6. The phantom of a warrior who perished in the apocalypse but wishes to gain revenge on a hated rival 
  7. A seedy trader and dealer in stolen relics who will buy relics and sells them at high inflated prices. 
  8. A cult of mad surgeons who are looking for good people to disfigure and 'alter' 
  9. A wasteland princess who is actually looking on the landing of a relic vehicle that her father was riding in at the time of his disappearance. 
  10. A priest of Cthulhu who is trying to track down the remains of a family who disappeared under his care. 
  11. A wasteland prince whose actually an expert scout whose trying to track down a mutant monster who stole his girl. 
  12. 1d10 wasteland knights whose interested in making a quality connection with another wasteland city state. 
  13. 1d6 wizards on a special mission to restrain a demon from escape 
  14. A giant floating crystal skull is on a mission from its god and wants to recruit a party of adventurers to help him with his mission. 
  15. A priest of the order of Law whose trying to track down a group of dangerous chaos worshipers who have been taking locate a relic of ancient and potent magic. 
  16. 1d8 fighters on a mission from their god to locate an ancient bunker and tunnel system below to city. 
  17. A lone mutant warrior whose trying to trace down adventurers who left his village to burn down to the ground. He's a 6th level warrior of an extinct tribe. 
  18. Merchant is ringing his hands and trying to track down the cargo of 1d200 gold pieces the pay roll for a group of monster hunters. 
  19. A dangerous individual whose actually one of the world's nicest serial killers & warriors without peer. Even now our warrior is actually sizing up the party for a murder or two. 
  20. Displaced time traveler is looking for a way to murder adventurers and preserve his own time line since it has been destroyed with a careless time alteration. The PC's might be recruited or attacked with energy weapons.

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