Friday, October 14, 2016

Quick Commentary On Maximum Mayhem Dungeon #2: Secret Machines of the Star Spawn Second Printing By Mark Taormino For Your Old School Campaigns

So Mark Taormino has a second printing of his Secret Machines of the Star Spawn module which he posted on Facebook  According to Mark "A Second printing of my Secret Machines of the Star Spawn modules are ready for new homes! FYI these are now available for sale on my website"

I've been in love with 'The Secret Machines Of The Star Spawn for a while now;simply put this is a great gonzo sci fi fantasy module originally for OSRIC but easily adapted into any old school edition or retroclone system with some modification.
The set up for this adventure goes something like this : 

Locals have been hearing whispers of strange happenings around the Ancient Volcano. Rumors over the last few months of an unspeakable evil that has risen up inside. An evil that “fell from the stars.” They say there is something wicked and devilish going on inside. Highwaymen report of strange creatures, mechanical monsters, and "Little Green Men" that are roaming the land causing chaos and mayhem!  Now before I start waxing lyrical but Secret Machines, this is an adult oriented module with uses several of the adult conventions of science fantasy. Alien abduction, alien cross species breeding, adult situations,etc.

It seems to me the more that I read of DCC, the more the gonzo and epic seem to collide in  within its pages add in some of the great material from Crawljammer and Crawling Under A Broken Moon  It seems to me that Mayhem Dungeon #2: Secret Machines of the Star Spawn By Mark Taormino is tailor made for taking your party of adventurers to the stars. Many of the themes and ideas explored in the module touch many of the aspects that I've seen in the various DCC zines. Though this module was meant for solid old school play  I can see it be easily adapted to a wide variety of OSR venues.
This is a great little module when you want to move your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons or  OSRIC game into space. A quick adventure if they survive and then toss those adventurers into the stars!

All together Maximum Mayhem Dungeon #2: Secret Machines of the Star Spawn is a great old school adventure package. It has lots of thrills, danger, and even a bit of horror thrown into the mix with just the right mix of gonzo humor. Congrats to Maximum Mayhem Dungeons on their continuing efforts in bring us the best in PC ripping awesomeness! 

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