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1d20 Random Encounters With Wizard's War Machines Table For Venger's Death Race: Fury Road Community Project & Your Old School Campaigns

From out of the wasteland come the post apocalyptic horrors of these wizard's war machines ready to wreck havoc on your Death Race: Fury Road drivers & adventurers! Prepare yourselves for the sheer terror of these diabolical machines from the twisted minds of evil wizards from beyond the pale!

Out in the wastelands some of the greatest danger come from the those twisted & evil wizards who have become race warlords & managers. But there are other free lance wizards who wish nothing more then to reign insanity & horror down upon the heads of adventurers and racers who play in the games of death, dust, and soul destruction that is the Death Race Fury Road events. Even now there are wizards who are readying their war machines and forces for another season.

Death Race:Fury Road

Ancandelingoro is rife with dimensional sink holes & Abyssal pockets where dimensional doors open into ancient Lovecraftian Hell spaces. These places are ancient batteries of evil, hate, and depravity allowing wizards access from across the cosmos as long as they can deal with the demon spawn, nameless horrors, and ancient damned who dwell there. Many come to the races to bargain away the souls of drivers to patrons of incredible malignancy and horror.

1d20 Random Encounters Wizard's War Machines Table

  1. Rmegori's Fortress of Lust - Hit points 70, AC 6, Weaponry 6 mega death laser batteries doing 1d10 points of damage. A flying head fortress of exo concrete, wire, and the souls of the damned. Flying and claiming any who it comes across. Manned by 1d100 skeleton warriors
  2. Thalirulori's Spine - Hit points 80 AC 4 This flying giant's spine is armed with six batteries of ectoplasmic slime cannons doing 1d20 points of damage
  3. TunalululVaturchi - Hit Points 60 AC 5 This is the living embodiment of a wizard's ego made into bio mechanical flesh. It boasts an army of 1d20 antibodies has 1d30 eye blasters that open to do 1d6 points of damage to anything within a 40 yard radius
  4. Ngokrny- Hit points 100 AC 7 This is the giant living head of a wizard that floats where his will takes him. He has eye beams that do 1d8 points of damage and 1d20 clones of himself read to go.
  5. PhaulhuU'oloith - Hit points 60 AC 3 The giant star spawn of a Lovecraftian god with its worshipers within it. There are eight rings of power that do 1d10 points of damage on all of its ten fingers and a crew of 1d30 worshipers who ride inside this horror from an alien hell.
  6. Baerndethuaer - Hit points 100 AC 7  The corpse of a slain god whose been hollowed out and now equiped with antigravity drives. He is armed with a giant wand of fire which does 1d8 points of damage to what ever it is pointed at. The thing is manned by a crew of dark souled shadows who hunt for the souls of riders and drivers.
  7. Bethulog Hit points 70 AC 3  A slain demonic horror that has arisen as an undead war machine and armed with a sword of slaying. The thing is manned by demonic jester goblins serving an ancient wizard lich who resides in the brains of this horror within a cocoon of neco flesh.
  8. Caban's Revenge - Hit Points 80 AC 6 This ancient giant flying eye ball has many of the abilities of its former master and is able to cast 6th level spells. The thing is manned by 1d20 minor demonic horrors searching for souls and blood for their master.
  9. C'shathaboth - Hit points 90 AC 5  The flying entrails of a giant demonic beast from the dawn of time bound to a wizard and manned by his dead family. The thing hunts for mothers & fathers to slay to create orphans for its undead army. This thing is able to squire digestive acid over an acre and can hit up to a mile away.
  10. Dd'tacygggy's Hand is a necomantic giant remains of a slain god that fell in a war with good at the beginning of time. The thing is crewed by the ghosts of the fallen demons and now it haunts for sport and revenge against those it comes across. Hit points 80 AC 3  and able to shot horned claws for 1d10 points of damage.
  11. Ggha-zshuga's lens is a part of a giant eye ball & a solar collector with battery  fused into the remains of a former star ship. A wizard powers it with the souls of the dead & over thirty shadows are at its helm. The thing can spew forth a death ray capable of doing 1d6 points of damage to anything under its gaze. It seeks to incinerate anything that gets in its gaze and has a range of two miles.
  12. Egldongla Egor - The Lovecrafian bile of a former god fused into a war machine by the magicks of a demonic wizard. This thing has 90 hit points with an AC of 5, the thing is crewed by hundreds of demonic slimes, molds, and fungus which are also its weapons of war.
  13. Nac'ugna's Colon - This is a demonic colon with a 90 hit points an AC 6 and filled with 1d40 acidic blasters each doing 1d6 points of damage with a wizard hooked up to its center! The thing hungers for human souls to process.
  14. Kongiritha Mogurm Hit points of 40 an AC of 4 and made from the large intestines of 1d100 wizards whom the owner has slain. The thing is manned by the owner who has fused with the bio mechanical workings. It wants to slay drivers and is able to cast spells as an eighth level wizard.
  15. Naincaur's Folly HP 100 AC 6 This fortress is a collection of space junk in the shape of a home made flying saucer comeplete with a day ray that does 1d10 points of damage & a range of two miles. The thing is crewed by twenty combat androids & the brain of a seven level wizard.
  16. Yubha-ilila 120 hit points AC 4, this is the semi frozen carcass of an Lovecraftian god crewed by 2d20 black wizard yetis searching for the mind of this twisted & insane thing. It hunts by instinct for the souls of those whose evil is blackest for it to consume. It has 1d20 staffs of frost which attack as the wand for double the damage!
  17. Zoth-ist - Hit Points 90 AC 5 this giant Pacman like Lovecraftian god comes from the deepest depths of an alien sea & hits for 1d8 points of damage with 1d6 electro tendrils with a 60% chance of shorting out any robots or cybernetic organisms. The thing consumes whomever & whatever it can, it is served by the dead souls of its enemies wrapped in biological robotic shells. There will 1d6 of these horrors as a part of its tongue.
  18. Del'nthakeh's Barge of the Damned 100 hit points AC 6 this massive battle barge has been constructed from the remains of hundreds of ancient cities & is staffed by battle androids as well as clones of the wizard owner. He sits in the center of the thing and powers it with his magick, he is able to hurl 6th to 7th level spells out of any of the twelve arcane spell battery units with a range of a mile or more.
  19. Gghoigusha The Slug Beast From Thrall - This massive bio mechanical slug with a 120 hit points & an AC of 7 is the home to 1d20 slug man mutant warriors whose souls power their god thing construct. At its heart is a wizard whose slime filled soul controls this god beast. It can hurl an acidic glob of virus filled protoplasm over 5 miles and is capable of doing 1d20 points of damage to anything it touches. It consumes the souls of anyone it comes across.
  20. Lal-ach is the giant skull war machine Hit points 100 AC 3  of an ancient cult of lich worshipers whose god became this necrotic horror. Able to blow apart any fools it comes across with eye rays of the doomed for 1d10 points of damage and a range of five miles. This unholy war machine is staffed by 1d30 lich skeleton clones of the wizard lich. Its brain is actually the soul of the lich & its horrid magick keeps this thing flying but every twelve days it must consume the soul of a hero.

1d10 Random Unique War Machines Random Customization
& Characteristics Table 
  1. The war machine drools and emotes as it closes in for the kill on PC's or puny humans! 
  2. This war machine can go on land, sea, fly and even cross dimensions 
  3. A soul consumed by the war machine appears as artwork on the side of the thing 
  4. Ancient ghosts of the victims of the wizard owner appear each new moon to attack intruders. 
  5. The war machine has several features scavenged from space craft and is capable of making orbit. 
  6. This war machine belonged to a rival wizard and was  a spoil of war hidden away inside of it is a group of 1d20 frozen warriors in cryo sleep. 
  7. The war machine has 1d10 minor mutations in its A.I. and bio mechanical functions 
  8. A monster serving the wizard lives aboard this war machine. 
  9. Teleport pods are used to get from point point B. and things occasionally teleport aboard without the crew's knowledge. 
  10. The war machine has a mind of its own but right now its sleeping any psionic or psychic attack will awaken it. The thing has 1d10 mental mutations and it hates to be woken up.

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