Monday, October 3, 2016

Sixty Minutes to Go For The Trinity of Awesome Kickstarter!

The Trinity of Awesome Kickstarter from Kort'thalis Publishing is ending very soon. You can get in on the action for the moment. The deal is three modules for three of Venger's rpg line from Crimson Dragon Slayer, The Outer Presence, & Alpha Blue. The Alpha Blue module seems like a cross between Flash Gordon & some late night science fantasy low budget porn you'd find on Cinemax back in the Eighties. That's some great ideas are on the back burner here. So back it before its to late!

 Back It Right HERE

When it comes to Alpha Blue this is another link in the ever expanding pool of space sleazy that is the space brothel empire. This time we get an underwater bit of weirdness for your old school spacers
Slippery When Wet
This is a 4- 5 page adventure of sleazy space opera action in the 23rd century.  After a large-scale assault, the PCs hitch a ride on an underwater vessel named the bearded clam.  Their destination is the undersea citadel Aqua Vulva.

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