Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1d10 Minor Hoards Table for The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg And Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns

There are ancient and time worn crypts where forgotten treasures and halls of antiques which  lay far underground. Here then is a quick list of random hoards of more then mere gold coins in the long forgotten dark and queer underground worlds where the dead and desperately  departed have left forgotten loot and strange legacies in the dark of the dungeon

1d10 Minor Hoards Table 
  1. 1d20X100 Ancient bronze and gold covered prehistoric feline skulls of a dangerous & predatory cat thing. The eyes of these items glow with an inner fox fire of rime and fungus in the dark. 
  2. 300 pounds of ivory taken from the most aggressive and dangerous mammoths of some long forgotten valley. The ivory is marked with weird and wild symbols of lost barbarian tribes. 
  3.  100 ancient spears made from long forgotten fossilized woods. The spears bronze and iron heads are marked with weird and strange symbols on the heads. 
  4. 600 iron ingots of a rare and pure type, these are prized by weapon smiths and sword makers. 
  5. 100 tightly packed jars of rare Earth soils,elements, and powders from far off and mysterious lands. The jars are sealed with a black wax and marked with protective wards against evil spirits. 
  6. 300 pounds of semi precious stones sealed in cut crystal jars each marked with ancient symbols 
  7. 600 skulls of some ancient race of giants heads adorned with copper crowns and iron scepters. The crown glow in the darkness. 
  8. A pile of ancient gold axes now fused by age and time. These were never meant for human hands. The gold is a mix of bronze and gold. 
  9. A gigantic pile of 10000 copper buttons each with a Yellow Sign on them, the signs seem to swim and ungulate in the torch light. 
  10. 600 yellow and red gold bells that will sound if even lightly touched. These things were used in ancient forbidden rites to summon long dead and dreaming demons.

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