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1d10 Random Relics of Hyperborea Treasure Table For Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea & Your Old School Campaigns

There are weird treasures that are unearthed across the face of Hyperborea, strange finds that make their way to bazaars, markets, and shops across the whole of the world. Many of them are from before the Green Death plague that swept across the world. All of them carry with them strange and odd patterns of magic or worse. Here are a quick selection of such items for your adventurers to find.

1d10 Weird Random Minor Treasure Table 
  1. A silver torc that contains the soul of a great Celtic chieftain, he will bestow upon a fighter a + 1 to all damage rolls but in the midst of heavy combat, he may try to possess the owner. Worth 200 gold pieces because of the incredible workmanship of the piece. 
  2. A golden dagger that carries with it, a strange curse for anyone using the weapon. The owner's flesh becomes a part of the spirit world enabling the owner to wound spirits and ghosts but eventually, the owner will become a specter of evil aspect himself. A pack of the previous owners of this weapon will welcome him into their ranks in the realms of the dead. Worth 150 because over the centuries the heavy toll of use has damaged the weapon. The dagger carries the name Wither Sharp in High Hyperborean tongue on the blade. 
  3. A single well preserved eye of an unknown type of giant makes up the center jewel of this bronze and gold ring. The ring allows the owner to spy upon any magical rites or rituals happening within a four mile radius of the ring. The owner may hurl a minor 2d6 damage lightning bolt three times per day from within the fragments of the giant's soul at a target within fifty yards. Each time this is done however the owner's skin turns a pale shade of blue for 1d8 days. If done more then three times per day there is a 30% chance of this mutation becoming permanent . There is also a chance of the owner being possessed by the soul of giant king whose eye this ring was made from.
  4. This metal cube contains the third eye of a wizard preserved and locked with a jeweled matrix. This device enables the owner to stare deeply into a target's soul and three times per day know a great truth about the target unless a save vs spell is made. The device may also allow the owner to freeze the target in place for 1d8 days in a stasis time lock. The device once belonged to a cult of assassins who wish it back and will hunt down the owner to get this device back once its been found. 
  5. An iron crown which once belonged to a great king has within it the soul of his lord chamberlain who can advise the target on matters of state. The chamberlain is of an evil aspect and will begin to steer the owner toward building a small empire based upon evil and brutality. The owner will become a minor chaotically evil warlord over time. The crown also acts as a mass charm spell once a week. This minor artifact once had a great name but it has long since rusted away. 
  6. A small rod that contains a bound fire elemental was once the heart and soul of a great forge and furnace. Three times per day this rod may cast a fire ball spell, or a flame strike. The elemental is a minor noble among its kind and is waiting for a worthy owner to pass along its ancient knowledge of the riddle of steel and the metal workings of the gods.  If the rod's owner is not worthy the road will erupt into a gout of pure elemental flame for 3d6 points of damage per round and consume the soul of the owner. 
  7. This small black ring contains the power of a dead star within its iron confines and once per day open a door to the realm of the dead. The secret to shutting it has been lost, 1d8 souls of damned will emerge to torment and harry the owner. A demon will come to collect the souls and unless the owner can convince the dead otherwise; it will kill the owner for allowing the gates of Hell to be breached. Only certain spellbooks of the damned contain the secret for closing the door. 
  8. This staff belonged to a star gazer and court astrologist who once charged the heavens of Hyperborea. Those holding the staff will know the position of every star within the sky. The owner's consciousness will expand within 1d8 months and they fade into the fabric of eternity unless they make a save vs staves and rods once a week after staff's trial period. Those who do will become astrologists of an almost divine aspect, able to cast charts for royalty.
    The staff contains an onyx map of the heavens in miniature. The staff is worth 1000 gold pieces. It once had a great name but it has been lost to eternity. 
  9. This tablet of soap stone contains seventeen passages of the names of the dead kings of Hyperborea from the ancient past. These names may be used to banish certain types of demons from Hell and the Outer Darkness. The tablet though contains a curse of damnation and insanity. 
  10. This minor astrolabe contains the jeweled planets of the Great Old Ones and their demons. Once per stellar alignment if their true name is known a wizard may call one down. Those names have been lost to the decay of the ages making this a 500 gold piece curiosity of the damned but nothing more.

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