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Ruins & Relics of The Fallen City State of Oghug-ugolo For Your Old School Campaigns

Among the desert wastelands of the hills of Oghug-ugolo are the resting places of the ape princes of Maboalogog.The Maboalogog were White ape royalty & warriors of renowned who ruled the ape kind of Accursed Atlantis both sorcerous power & forbidden knowledge of ancient god things. This of course was thousands of years ago. They made war upon the near by human city state of Alatu. But the city state of Oghug-ugolo's big break came when a space craft's faster then light time distillation drive malfunctioned & it crashed into the local foot hills. The white apes clans sent their gorilla warriors to claim the wreck before the humans even knew what had dimensionally fazed into the landscape.

The evolved machine intelligences of the Harororotuli studied the minds, souls, & worldly aspects of the Maboalogog and found them to be pliable, wanting, and open to the weird secrets of transient cosmic technological occult knowledge. The secrets that the Harororotuli possessed must be passed on since their partner race & other worldly benefactors had been killed in the crash. Their partner's biological uniqueness was used to fuel the ship as it began to broadcast their message to their new partners.

Within a few decades only a blink of time to the evolved intelligences, the city state of Oghug-ugolo had progressed far beyond the nearby human city state of Alatu. The white ape kings, their armies of Gorilla warriors, the chimpanzee scientists, and even the orangutan philosophers & law givers all heard the song of the  Harororotuli. Finally they began to call upon the forbidden occult knowledge clouds of the Harororotuli mega intelligences. Once again they had made incredible advances in the forbidden sciences, the realms of technologies, biological applications, they did great things & terrible things.

Artwork by John Ogilbycreated by the Welcome Images Trust

Finally the Oghug-ugolo sorcerer kings called down demon god Arioch to claim the souls of the human city state of Alatu. The terrible god being appeared, and destroyed every human dwelling within a thousand miles but the humans of Alatu had also heard the song of Harororotuli. They knew them for what they were & fed forbidden knowledge but adapted themselves to the energies of the demon god. They tunneled far below the surface of the Earth prayed for the day of reckoning when their god king would visit a holy purifying curse of divine power upon them. It came and they were changed beyond words and now dwell under the Earth in vast weird cities, their powers of mind greatly expanded. Arioch claimed the lands of the Oghug-ugolo as well.

The wares of a million worlds are traded here and the seas are alight with the sails from ancient and decedent kingdoms in Atlantandria Port City to the stars but in the foot hills of Oghug-ugolo many settlements of gorilla warriors and others of ape kind are still ruled by clerics of the Harororotuli. They make war on the the mutated humans of Alatu who dwell under the glass sands where the skeletons of ruined cities can still be seen. Ape and human are eternally locked in the dance of the Harororotuli.As Arioch feasts upon the souls of all who come under the demon god's purview.

Meanwhile ape adventurers, human underworld mutates, and even white ape sorcerers all scour the ruins of the fallen city states, settlements, for lost world technology, scraps of the song of
Harororotuli and even the occasion weapon of the Oghug-ugolo. Often times mixed parties of mutates, apes, and human adventurers venture into the ruins. Gorilla warriors take special pride in destroying such mixed adventurer types.

Today apes and humans will guide parties into the ruins of the Oghug-ugolo for 80 gold pieces but often leave them for one of the many varieties of demonic horrors of Arioch that still stalk these places.
1d20 Random Relics of Power From
the Fallen City State of The
  1.  Irca's Wand of Human Subjugation - This plain bronze wand can cast a charm spell like effect  on any human or near human three times per day. Worth 600 gold pieces to the right collector.
  2. Ircan Milugo - This strange crystal ball style object may detect any dimensional or planar gate within a 50 foot radius of its many orange facets. 900 gold pieces to a wizard or witch.
  3. Moglael - This strange puppet like fetish will come to life being held in the hands of a wizard and act as a translator unit and go between for the owner and certain divine or extra planar beings.
  4. Mogulli - A strange forbidden metal book that is actually a living piece of the machine soul brain of one of the machine god intelligences of the area. The thing can answer cryptically three questions per day or cast a legend lore spell like ability twice per day. Worth 1600 gold pieces but this thing whispers forbidden secrets to its owner.
  5. Sarca - A strange god like intelligence that is actually soul mirror capable of reading the thoughts of its owner and creating life like illusions within a 30 foot radius of its owner. Powered by the owner's soul and heat. Worth 700 gold pieces.
  6. Thelaul Ancient crystal wand that can detect any poison or demonic activity within a 90 ft radius of the owner. Worth 600 gold pieces,a good one may sell for 800 gold pieces in the far providences.
  7. Urithu - A foot wand capable of destroying 5 feet of inorganic matter per round. The thing is used in certain industrial applications. Worth 900 gold pieces.
  8.  Unilothanala An ape crystal skull capable of open other dimensional doors and gates. This one has certain forbidden writing etched into it's surface. The thing can cast magic missile twice per day. Worth 700 gold pieces.
  9. Urmorg - This piece of crystal work is capable of opening wizard locks, banishing certain ancient demonic pack animals. The thing is worth 400 gold pieces.
  10. Ururo's ring - This robbin red ring is capable of opening any wizard locked chest or object as well as banishing certain types of demons of logic.
  11. Welauri 's maps, these crystal map displays are the collected knowledge and wisdom of a city of the ancients of  Accursed Atlantis. Twice per day this map is capable of teleporting 1d6 persons per day without error.
  12. Canamilo Hilori - this android is actually a former sex slave android whose been reprogrammed to be an assassin. It hates all organic life forms and will quietly murder anyone  it comes across. It acts as a 5th level assassin and is armed with poison spikes in its hands.
  13. Ildrur - A strange wand of wonder which malfunctions and will send a party to another dimension of horrid and forbidden vistas. The thing can only work 1d6 times per day. Worth 100 gold pieces because of its status.
  14. Lagoglla- A silver statue of a god thing that can act as a contact other plane three times per day. Worth about 1000 gold pieces.
  15. Lorglar's Folly- A demonic toy like statue that is capable of demonically mimicking the owner with an android like projection of magical force. Worth about 800 gold pieces.
  16. Caelangingot A metal torc capable of summoning a minor demonic horror three times per day. Worth about a 1000 gold pieces.
  17. Candutur - ring of cold steel capable of sending its owner to one of the alien cold hells outside of time and space. The ring is capable of banishing one human sized target to these far and horrid hells outside of time and space. Worth about 9000 gold pieces.
  18. Lkaugon's scroll is a piece of bound human flesh capable of summoning a spawn of Cthulhu which will eat the summoner. Worth about 800 pieces of silver. 
  19. Mavae's torc is a a magical arm band created to protect the owner in a force field of highly concentrated energy. Worth about 800
  20. Ngwethe's statues a pair of Chimpanzee's statues that is actually highly focused magical energy detectors. Capable of detecting any hint of chaos within 80 feet of the owner. Worth 890 gold pieces.

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