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1d20 Random Pulp Treasures Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg Systems

 Out in the wastelands there are strange and very dangerous treasures that blow in on the Boreas winds of Outer Darkness. Sometimes things turn up in the wastelands that can make an adventurer's fortunes or ruin their lives here are a few treasures to change the fortunes of your adventurers but be warned these could in fact change their lives forever.
1d20 Random Pulp Treasures Table 

  1. A golden encrusted head dress containing the soul of a long forgotten deity and god, this thing's soul cries out for vengeance from beyond the grave. There is a twenty five percent of this mad bastard trying to possess the owner. Worth 3000 gold pieces to the right collector or sorcerer. 
  2. A piece of carved jade in the shape of some monstrous god thing, the piece cares 1d4 minor spells of cantrips. The original guardian owner is now a ghoul and is tracking the piece, the thing is worth over 2000 gold pieces to the right sorcerer or collector of esoterica. 
  3. The broken remains of a sealed chest, this piece of valuable marble, jade, and incredibly detailed carvings. This casket contains the souls of nine nine guardian spirits and madmen from Lemuria whose demi lich king's soul has fled. This item now bares a curse to trap the next owner's soul within 1d30 days of finding this object. 
  4. The cracked and broken skull of some demonic undead thing, this object is sought by several cults of dangerous demonic worshiping scum who will slit your party's throat for this item. There are several locked spells for summoning up demonic things from the lowest nether pits. Worth 400 gold pieces as a curio or 5000 gold as a fetish piece for a minor demonic cult. 
  5. A jeweled crown like object, actually the interior engine part of a Lemurian battle machine. Anyone handling this thing will have to save vs death or roll on a mutation matrix. This thing is not valuable and double the number of random wilderness encounters when handling this thing. It attaches monsters, madmen, and deviants. It is also a cursed item. 
  6. A small jeweled soul jar containing the soul of a mad and dangerous succubus who will become the owner's 'adviser' and council. She will grant the owner 1d4 minor spells and begin planning on contracting out the owner's soul to her demonic Earth bound god thing master. Worth 600 gold pieces as collector's curio. 
  7. A large bell made from crystal and gold that when rung echoes into the nearest lower planes and calls to it echoes and ghosts of the past. There is a 10% chance each time it is rung the shade of someone near and dear to the owner will come. There is a 40% chance of a demonic thing of the damned will seek out the owner to tear their souls from their bodies. 
  8. Statue of gold and jade dedicated to the snake mother goddess made in the shape coiled and writhing figures. This piece inspires nothing but loathing in all who see it but it grants visions of blood soaked clarity. The thing will 'bite' its owner for 2 points of damage and will grant contact with this minor goddess who will grant 'wishes' in the form of forbidden and terrible acts of depravity and murder. Eventually the owner will be transformed into a murderous serpent man half breed cursed priest of this goddess. A cult of 1d6 serpent warriors will come to claim the owner for sacrifice upon the goddess's alter. Worth 800 gold pieces. The item is cursed. 
  9. A jade ring inscribed with the names of two hundred dead gods and their dungeon lairs. See Petty Gods  for possible choices. Worth 900 gold pieces  
  10. Twelve demonic Atalantian  silver pieces that summon the twelve minor horrors of the Outer Darkness. Each piece belongs to a 'saint' of the cult of Ancient Wayfarers.  Demons who ferry the souls of the Atlantian dead to the underworld. They will come to claim the owner's in 1d30 days.  Only a replacement will due but it must be of royal blood. Worth 5000 gold pieces to the right necromancer or wizard who knows the secret command phrase. 
  11. Ivory and Jet statue of a forgotten demonic god of Atlantis, this relic summons an ancient demonic presence of the  fifth wild Borea wind. The thing will appear in 1d6 minutes and demand a sacrifice of 1d100 gold pieces or a minor relic. It will add wizards in dealing with forgotten relics and super science artifacts 
  12. A twisted coil of gold &  aurichalcum that seems to move in the hands of its owner. The thing can be used to open a dimensional portal down into the lair of the underborean underworld ruler. The thing is part man, part machine, & is attached to an ancient demonic machine. It will grand a minor boon to those who serve its twisted needs. 
  13. An ancient glass and steel eye that allows one to see the invisible, and nearby ancient worlds of the spirit but the eye enables its owner to cross over into the other world when the stars are right once a week. Worth 400 for the
  14. A jade statue of a goddess inscribed with the names of three hundred demonic horrors waiting for the fool who uses this statue as part of a demon summoning rite. The statue is similar to the complete statue but grants the ability to summon the demonic hench maidens from the depths of the nether dimensions. 
  15. Two small globes of metal and semi precious that is actually an interstellar map of the known region of space that allows one to teleport past the Borea winds three times per day.  
  16. A golden oaken box that contains the mummified remains of an ancient prince of Atlantis. The mummy will come to life and teach the owner necromancy of the first through third level. 
  17. A cursed lyre of Mu that allows one to pass through the Outer Darkness once per day as if under a teleport spell. There are foul demons waiting in space between the stars to attack the owner of this item. Worth 500 gold pieces 
  18. A casket of the ancient winds of change, this casket contains an alert signal for an ancient demonic horror that will hunt down the PC opening it. The thing will stalk and kill the PC who opened the box. This thing is an ancient assassination device.  Worth 8000 gold pieces. 
  19. Jade Cat containing the essence of a Cat from Saturn that will attack the fool opens the secret compartment in the back of the statue. Worth 600 gold pieces 
  20. A Chalice of Atlantis that has turned up, these objects are watched over an ancient hydra and its brood of reptilian horrors. The thing can summon forth a dangerous demon of hideous aspect. Worth 8000 gold pieces to a collector of such horrors. 

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