Friday, October 21, 2016

Racing Under Alien Moons Venger's Community Sourced Post-Apocalypse Race Setting

So I wake up this yesterday morning & I was putting the finishing touches on my Thundarr The Barbarian AS&SH/ACK's article when email from Venger pops up. Now here & there I've seen this blurb about a community based post apocalyptic race project he's got. Then I tonight I finally get around to reading the article and seeing the mention of one of my favorite Thundarr The Barbarian episodes Challenge of the Wizards I decided to investigate further. So is this going to be another one of Venger's sexy time sleazy romps? Sorry Mazem but this is going to be an on the level crowd-sourcing community project for a weird, wild, gonzo, post-apocalyptic race set in the future, possibly on another planet. You can read more about it right over here

So what are we going to be looking at here, weird and perhaps Lovecraftian racers, Mad Max battles using weapons beyond the ken of mankind, lots of carnage, and wild bunch of adventure locations. According to Venger's guidelines;"Things to keep in mind: references to 60s, 70s, and 80s sci-fi, humor, sexiness, gonzo, weird but plausible, flavor text to give us a sense of the race itself.  Any kind of world building is a plus!"

Salothmo was a wizard on a back water world who gained a great object of power to ascend to a higher plane of existence only to find that greater powers then he in the universe were pursuing other dimensional racing the sport of gods! Slack jawed & far behind the times  these races with gods, wizards, interstellar warlords decide the fate of worlds. Challenged by Ndunargorcagla a wizard of low renowned Salothmo was forced to cut corners & use rank adventurers of the lowest caliber; while not against the rules per say it made things dicey for other wizards. Salothmo was able to seize Ndunargorcagla personal & interstellar assets in a desperate gambit to go up in rank against fellow race managers. So began a tradition of using lowly adventurers, outlaws, criminals, drivers, and pilots to not only win races but take down other rival race mangers and overlords.
Of course this was over two hundred years ago & many alien rival's blood, ichor & guts have been split since then. Now the moons of Durorin are in alignment & the cycle is starting to begin. The race overlords are readying their machines once again & the other dimensional gates are opening to summon the racers to the starting sacrifice!

Ancandelingoro is the perfect race world, a place of incredible terrain, vast plains perfect for racing, and home to some of the deadliest monsters and mutants that have been culled from a million worlds by the race overlords. There are no rules here and even the basest of tricks, traps, weapons, and more have been used & will be again. Ancandelingoro has no rules, laws, or other moral conceits to get in the way of the action. It is simply the world of the race & the race is everything. There are over two hundred other dimensional gates & over ten thousand media circles of power able to broadcast throughout the known universe.

There are entire city states that have built up around the race on Ancandelingoro; places such as Glauld, the purple mountains of Erchath with its machine works, the low lands of Candoth where men & machines can be stripped of flesh and money, & of course the infamous Ailaur where the festivals of celebration & sacrifice  go on for six straight weeks. Black Lotuthar where the magicks match the soil and only the blood of victims or racers colors the stone or soil here.

1d20 Random Encounters On Ancandelingoro
  1.   Pack of 1d40 ghouls on the rampage for the flesh of sentients, they were the victims of a plague released here one hundred years ago. Don't get bit!
  2.  A pair of rival mechanics & maniacs on bit bikes armed with lasers to carve up your ride. 3rd level fighters. 
  3. Alien bikers from Hell! 1d20 bikers on hover bikes, armed with energy weapons and looking for flesh are coming for you. 
  4. Ancient undead racers come back from beyond the grave after you and your ride! Armed with infernal weapons and bad attitudes. 
  5. A pack of cyber hounds looking to eat you & your ride. 
  6. Demon agent looking to take you down and force you into a pact with a rival demon lord for your soul! 
  7. An ancient racer wizard whose looking to banish you to an alternative hell of a dead star. 
  8. Dead racers animated by bugs from the depths of the Abyss. 
  9. A storm from the depths of the a god's stomach have brewed up! 
  10. Star Spawn of Cthulhu has awakened because of the noise of the race! Gun it! 
  11. Hover vehicle driven by two of the Great Race from Yith armed with lightning guns are on your ass! They want to take you out! 
  12.  There is a giant demonic amoeba that has bubbled up from the planet's interior and it covers two acres of race 
  13. Giant mutated praying mantis thing pack of 1d14 monsters is feeding on racers! 
  14. Sacrifice wheel of a cult of Hastur has appeared and is pursuing you with 1d20 cultists aboard 
  15. Two gangs of hopped up mutant Amazon warriors are after your PC's, armed with black powder weapons, lasers, and bikes! 
  16. An ancient wizard from the future on the back of a Type Iv demon wants to take you down before you can murder him! He's got spells and black lotus powder ready. 
  17. Alien teens on jet hover boards are out for blood their armed with death ray pistols and want blood! 
  18. 1d10 Black magic cultists on giant alien demonic dragon flies are looking for souls and blood for their dark masters! 
  19. Giant demonic hand wants your steel and souls! 
  20. Another racer's war wagon has spotted you! 

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