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The Rite of 'F'rau' ri- to Ra' Of Atlantandria & The Relics of The Haunted Shores For Your Old School Campaigns

Wizards who are members of certain fraternal orders in the wastelands of Atlantandria know of ancient pathways to the sea marshes and hidden coves. Those who see men carrying their own coffins & death shrouds by night know better then to disturb them. They are 'F'rau' ri- to Ra (translated from high Atlantean as 'Those Who Return'). Wizards whose power & magick grow far too strong for the mortal world. They make what is known as the Rite Of The Long Trek Into The Sea.

They carve out their own coffins which they carry  upon their backs to return to the Primal Chaos seas that churn endlessly just outside of the reality of Atlantandrias' Port City. These wizardly orders wish to return their own power to the unreality of the ever changing  Hells of Primal Chaos. They're own shadow wars with various undead monsters, ghoul cults keeps their arcane knowledge & deadly spells from the hands of these foul things & from mere mortals.  They wander into the final god eye's sun set to become one with the ever changing seas of power.

Few make it for a plethora of demons wait in the shoals, shallows, wrecks, & hidden rocks that line the shores of the Fr'ta. Vrocks, Dimensional Shamblers, and a thousand nameless horrors call these unreality seas home and hunting grounds. Many wizards prepare their own 'Lirau' (small books of powerful forbidden spells) that they wear around their neck for their last rite. Many bands of mutants and other worshipers of foul god things try to way lay or scavenge these ancient occultists. They are often killed  by paladins and knights of Urizen who guard these hidden pathways as the 'Rite Of The Long Trek Into The Sea' is carried out. Few if any possessions remain after the the bodies of the wizard returns to the chaos that spawned its power. But some treasures are carried by the currents of chaos and seas.

Special sister hoods comb the shores of Atlantandrias port city's  shores for such treasures to be sold in their market stalls but beware for many of these objects carry both the heavy chaotic energies of the Primal Sea and the foulness of the owner at times. Special Amazon sisters,  inquisitors, and knights deal with such foulness in their own ways. But the price they charge for such services is high but worth it. They also deal with the demons and foul nameless things that find their ways to the shores of  Atlantandria from time to time including putting down the ancient ghosts of wizards who escape their fate in the ever changing seas of unreality.
1d10 Random Magical Treasures
Table From the Shores of


  1.  Wand of fear and frost - 1d8 random charges 800 silver pieces and the naming of your first born.
  2. Wand of oak and steel able to store 1d4 spells within it 10,000 silver pieces 
  3. Ring of Fire Balls with a wizard's finger still attached might be cursed? 9,000 silver pieces. 
  4. Green glass orb with a demon's eye within able to seek out a dimensional or planar doorway with 300 yards of it. Once a day the thing might curse. It is recharged with the tears of the innocent. 900 silver pieces
  5.  Staff of Three demons - Three bound demons are held within this staff and fight constantly but will cast minor illusions, a wall of darkness and a dispel magic once per day but they whisper foul secrets at night. 8,000 silver pieces and a small donation to the orphans fund. 
  6. Ball of Technology - A mechanical ball with 1d10 weird appendages that will repair any minor relic placed by it each new moon. The thing must have the fuel of lamp oil three times per week and must be sung a song once per night for proper function. 10,000 silver pieces and a minor task for the order. 
  7. Shroud of T'rsu - This shroud enables a speak with the dead spell once per new moon rise as long as some blood is fed to it. The thing will also speak in whispers to it owner when danger is near by. 8,000 silver pieces and a minor favor. 
  8. Ring of The Weird - This ring enables the wearer to perceive the supernatural world of near by dimensions within a 60 foot radius. 9000 gold pieces because of its creator. Highly collectable. 
  9. Glass of The Magi - This item allows the owner to call forth a minor spirit of the air once per day. The owner can see into any nearby spirit limbos or prisons in the near Astral. 8000 silver pieces and a minor favor to the order. 
  10. A Gall Stone of The Magus - This stomach stone enables the owner to cast 1d6 3rd level spells but the owner will have phantom pains and be at a -1 on all actions as long as the stone is held in their hands. 4000 silver pieces. 

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