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1d6 Random Named Ancient Minor Weapons of Warfare Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea & Your Old School Campaigns

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They come from many places, times, & are found buried with the Ancients. They come from a time beyond recorded time itself. They are the weapons of the gods, kings, royals, & warriors of extraordinary aspect. These are weapons with names such as Blood Taker, Soul Writer, & Wind Carver. These are weapons of name & renowned passed from father to son or daughter. These weapons often carry curses as well as boons upon them. Here are six weapons of unusual and potent aspect.

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There is a forty percent chance when found that the ego and mind of these weapons might be intact able to still be awakened by the right rites and ancient spells known to only a few of the craft of sorcery and sword craft.

  1. Havathugorcat is a bastard sword with the spirit of a hell cat bound within it; the weapon whispers & advises its owner on matters of statecraft, warfare, and bloody violence. The weapon is a +3 weapon able to cut through the patterns of souls as well as most types of man made materials but it hungers for flesh as well. The owner may develop the trait of liking to torment his victims.
  2. Irorir  A +2 dagger of bronze, meteor iron, & a foundation of silver, the weapon has the bound soul of a shaman of the Borea wind bound within it and each new moon it glows with a holy light. It is able to destroy any minor undead with one stroke and hungers for the undead energies that it can prey upon.
  3. Kavarthaen -The ax of the forgotten winds that cleaves through spells and brains with easy. This old Celtic weapon is a combination of the soul of a great chief and his last battle song. It loathes certain clans of wizards and hungers for their blood as well creatures of magick or chaos. +3 against creatures of magic but +4 against wizards or spell casters.
  4. Cagorakava is the warlock's companion blade forged of raw iron & the power of black songs of the undead in the cold hells between the dimensional spaces. The weapon loves to steal the powers of the undead & often hungers for unlife with an unhealthy relish. A +2 weapon of war and violence.
  5. Orirglinthala or the Dark Ire this weapon has been forged between the seconds of war by weirdling mages of ancient Borea. The weapon is able to slice through time and space able to open rifts in the fabric of other worlds and create a time space gate once each month. The weapon also loves to hunt for and slay demons. The weapon is a +4 weapon against demons or a + 2 against black wizards. 
  6. Chabegon The sunlight's bane is a the last weird weapon taken from the forge of the sun's sword maker. This weapon glows with an inner flame of angel light & elemental power, once per day this weapon can act as a flaming sword with the added benefit of causing double damage to undead especially vampires, ghouls, and other minor undead. The weapon once per day may shoot a gout of flame up to 30 feet.

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