Monday, October 10, 2016

The Lowdown On The Operation Unfathomable OSR Adventure Kickstarter Campaign by The Hydra Collective

So do you want to have your party of adventurers experience a weird and very dangerous old school adventure with a terrifying twist and a couple of very dangerous turns? Do you want to get into the deep end of a dungeon of strange and thrilling death?
How about A weird underworld adventure and campaign setting for Swords & Wizardry and other old school rpgs? Well Operation Unfathomable is coming and I've got the low down on this old school Kickstarter folks!

Operation Unfathomable is one of two kickstarters I've been waiting for to come out, the team from the Hydra Collective is waiting for Kickstarter approval for the campaign to kick off. The adventure is actually going to be a complete revamp from the author's Knockspell adventure from the ground up;"The Hydra Collective is proud to announce its second Kickstarter: OPERATION UNFATHOMABLE by writer and artist Jason (The Dungeon Dozen) Sholtis. Jason is expanding his critically acclaimed adventure from Knockspell #5, honed through hundreds of hours of playtesting, into a full-fledged mini-campaign! In addition to the expanded text, the Hydra Edition of OPERATION UNFATHOMABLE will feature new art by Jason and layout by award-winning designer Jez (A Red & Pleasant Land) Gordon."
The pieces of artwork that have been leaking have this Flash Gordon meets meets Lovecraft meets Swords & Wizardry behind a dark alley for unsavory things feel to it.

Bat winged dwarf with a battle ax folks and it looks like a very bad attitude.

I've been watching for over three months as bits and pieces of this adventure have manifested on G+, the author has a very clear vision of where he wants to take this mini campaign;"I wrote OPERATION UNFATHOMABLE originally to be a one-off adventure and for utility as a convention scenario. As such, the gloves were off both in terms of danger level for player characters and the campaign-changing potency of the enchanted treasures they might run off with. Going against my own advice, I used it to start a campaign.
Four years and hundreds of game-hours later, the campaign continues (and is still fun). As every DM knows, there is no substitute for play when it comes to breathing life into a setting. I believe the Underworld of OPERATION UNFATHOMABLE has that lived-in feel precisely because it has been explored extensively at the table and its secrets probed by a number of minds sharper than my own (I have awesome players).
I hope you enjoy it as much as I have."
 - Jason Sholtis  "
I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those kickstarters where it funds very quickly because of the wide appeal of the material. Operation Unfathomable is going to have a lot of bits and pieces to it as well as factions, general weirdness, and a real sense of individuality of product.

What the hell I'm I talking about? Well look at some of the features that have already trickled into the Kickstarter campaign:
  • Underworld Phenomena: Novel environmental hazards to challenge explorers like Horizontal Cave Lightning, Whirlwinds of Unbidden Transportation, Sudden Seismic Events, and many more! 
  • Fractious Factions: Enter a crossroads of Underworld civilization where combat is only one of the options (and often not always the wisest!) for dealing with its denizens. The PCs can make a temporary truce with Blind Antler Men or forge an unlikely alliance with the minions of Nul the Mindless God! 
  • Races, Weirdos and Chaos Godlings Galore: Over two dozen new creatures, from Batwinged Dwarfs to Shaggath Ka the Worm Sultan, malevolent...and even more malevolent!
  • Near-Endless Adventure: Enough NPCs, encounters, and areas to explore to keep a campaign going well beyond the initial scenario.

    Some of the artwork that's been revealed looks intriguing to say the least. Your looking at an adventure with unique factions, weird NPC's, dozens of deadly encounters and lots more. Plus a ton of monsters that you can recycle into your own Swords & Wizardry campaigns!

So you really owe it to yourself to check out the stop motion intro video they did for the Kickstarter campaign.The thing is killer and outlines Operation Unfathomable from the ground up.

(Alright not yet but very soon!)

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