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Five Named Artifact Weapons For Your Old School Campaigns

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Each of these firearms has been painstakingly created from the bones and metals of the various demons and angels involved in the "Fall From Heaven". These firearms are often found within the armories of archdevils and various occult collectors of such things. Each one has been crafted from the finest metals, bones, and materials.
Each is a sterling example of a Colt 1911 fire arm and capable of taking out a minor godling, demon, or spirit with deadly accuracy. These weapons often seem to have minds of their own. Malevolent intelligence that whisper to their owners. Some are nasty and dangerous tools capable of leading their owners into situations of utmost danger. Often these firearms find their way into situations or pivotal moments of history. The ammo for these weapons is often made from the vary souls of the person or being using the weapons. Utmost care must be used when firing these weapons. They often carry a curse or streak of necrotic magic with them.
I have not used any game statistics so that they may be used in any game system.  Any angel or arch demon knowing that an adventurer who possesses such a weapon will be hunted down and their souls ripped from their vary bodies.

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Five  Named Artifact Fire Arms
  1. Fatuaur The Devil's Pistol - This weapon has been created from the bones of a minor god of the old ones. This weapon is a black as a total eclipse and responds like a hot knife through butter. It is said that the weapon lusts for the blood of monsters and that it has a taste for families. The weapon has been know to misfire in the presence of siblings and if rumors are to be believed it has killed over 333 demons of the first order. The weapon is cursed with a blood lust and manufactures its own ammo from the dreams of regret of its owner. The weapon is embossed with glyphs of power of a forgotten and forbidden religion of Hell itself. 
  2. Lkarangirn The Angel's Friend  - This weapon's slide and barrel have been created from the tears of a million angels and scoured in the rivers of Hell. The weapon is good and lawful mostly but has a frightening visage from a trapped angel within its frame. The pistol reacts to the presence of anything diabolic but often glows with murderous light when evil is present. The pistol has been known to shoot by itself and kill any sinners within its range. The thing purrs when it kills and often drives its owner into greater and greater dangerous situations to combat evil. 
  3. Motharg- Created on the orders of the twelfth plane's of Hell. The thing was made from the straight razors of a tribe of demons. The barrel and parts created in the heart of a valcano and tempered in the icy planes of Hell. The weapon reacts like an extension of its owner's arm. An unholy weapon that has an appetite for the destruction of any holy relics or things of Heaven. The weapon often passes hands until its target is found. The weapon often has its owners stalk its victims for it. Motharg likes to be the center of violence and fills its owners with the fury of a beserk. The weapon can heal mortal wounds for a price. Often the victims soul that is absorbed to create ammo for itself. 
  4. Sarmi  The Yomi Blade - This weapon was created from the swords of a rebellious Oni. The Oni's spirit was trapped within the weapon and used to create the magic of the weapon. This weapon will aim itself and kill any undead creature it can. It hates its owners but will serve but kill the first born of its owner if possible. The weapon bears a strange curse and will force the owner to assume the personality of an oni but with no powers once every six full moons. 
    1. Tulilat- This weapon is the bound form of an angelic concubine of a saint from the 13 worlds. It's righteous fury creates its ammo and it will slay minor gods for its owner. The weapon hates to be mishandled and will bite its owner when firing if the owner ever miss treats the weapon. 
    1. The weapon will every full moon offer counsel in matters of Biblical importance and teach its owner clerical matters. The weapon loves to slay vampires and other undead. The weapon will slowly warp its owners personality into a vain and pompous character over time. The weapon will heal the owner once per week if the owner promises a term of service. Once per week the owner may call a minor angelic spirit. The owner will be followed by the ghosts of those it slays they are powerless to harm the owner but may taunt or tease the fool.

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