Saturday, October 8, 2016

'Enter The Martian!' Running 'The Pay What You Want' Dungeon From A Distant Star Adventure From Robertson Games As Part Of The Warlord Of The Outer Worlds Actual Play Event Part II

When we last left our heroes they were exploring under the Dwarven citadel on a rescue mission to save a party in another dimension. The gate system is deep inside the Earth at a revamped alien UFO base now a planar dimensional jump point. They've taken their atomic boring machine and stopped at this location for a closer look after being attacked by ghoulish undead Dwarves.
Under the citadel a flying saucer had crashed and they were exploring(looting) any relics they could carry. This past week they came face to face with Martian warrior cast creature. The monster proved to be immune to lightning and proved quite the challenge to the party.

They've got a few more rooms to clear & then onward as well as downward. The fact is that Dungeon From A Distant Star was a God sent easily modified to fit my campaign setting's history and Outer Darkness driven cosmology. The real star of the show for this past week's game was the adventure location  Dungeon From A Distant Star From  Robertson Games.

Parts of the adventure took the players by surprise & they've come to have a real hatred for the Martians that they've faced multiple times over the years.  This latest time proved to be a bit of a go around and they're not sure what's happening inside the remains of the saucer. They don't know that its been turned into a telepathic communications point and that a soul stealing interocitor is at the heart of the whole operation! Tuesday we'll see if they can find the catalog from Unit 16 and dismantle the whole operation before the Martian tripod machines come scrambling through the tunnels!

The Warwick Goble illustrations for HG Wells are some of my favorites but the Open Culture Website also has the Henrique Alvim CorrĂȘa, whose 1906 illustrations of the novel are perfect for the tone and pitch of this campaign. 

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