Friday, October 7, 2016

Commentary On The Free OSR Adventure Resource : Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign By Chris Gonnerman For The Basic Fantasy Rpg or Your Old School or Retroclone Rpg System

So a couple of days ago I promised a friend that I'd get another Basic Fantasy Rpg adventure review done, so let's do one of my favorite titles Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign. This is a good solid campaign to base a game around. Its got a bit of everything from a demonic prison to a lizard man artifact  that can expand to a bit of longer sword & sorcery action.

Its got action, romance, lots of dungeon exploration & far reaching sword & sorcery weirdness:"
Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign is a multi-module for use with the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. This module includes adventures for low to mid level player characters. The book includes: Fortress of the Iron Duke, an adventure in a castle which has been taken over by an evil force; Tomb of Karsma Megalos, an expedition to the last resting place of a great barbarian chieftain; and Crooked Rock Tower, an adventure which sees unlikely allies raiding an old wizard's tower." Here's what I really love about this campaign everything is set up right out of the gate for expanded campaign play. Simply drop in PC's & go, a lot of this module could be used as the set up for a domain or for kingdom play. The action is swift & very dangerous expect PC deaths at some point here. PC's in this adventure have motives for characters to do things & this happens throughout the adventure &  built up around and through the whole affair. This makes this an adventure that works better then Morgansfort. Here the basis is on the PC's and their contribution to the events of Fortress, Tomb, & Tower.

What I want in an adventure is an old school adventure that is going to work at my table, the kind of adventure that will have my players talking about it for months to come after its over. Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign  has plenty of DYI D&D avenues for expansion for PC's to have a place within the campaign setting. This is extremely important for a DM with long term plans at the table. I can't tell you the number of game worlds where the world setting is far more important then the PC's. The PC's are the stars and heroes of the campaign, the players the engine that drives forward the action. Fantasy worlds with lots of cool bits and pieces are nice but give me a world that I can leave my own thumbprint on and I'll be a happy camper/dungeon master. This is one that does exactly that and it can be combined with other OSR products on the market for real not in some backhanded esoteric weird way.

Do you already own Morgansfort and you want to drop in Fortress,Tomb, and Tower? Boom there you go and its put into your game as an adventure location with no tears and even less of a hassle. The adventure location has everything you need to hook it into an existing OD&D or retro system game such as Labyrinth Lord with little issue.
Here are few of the reasons why this is a good choice for an old school campaign: 

  1. Its free and easy to access for the DM and dirt cheap compared to other OSR resources. The material is very sword and sorcery oriented making it easily adaptable to any number of OD&D style settings. 
  2. Its got some challenging bits to it because its made for  For 2-8 Characters, Levels 2-6, which means that you don't have to hold back on PC's they're going to take a bath in this one at some point. 
  3. The adventure has room for expansion into a mini or full campaign and can hook into an existing campaign with little problem. 
  4. Dark and dangerous villains with motives who can be used as hooks for further world adventures. 
  5. Weird sword and sorcery setting bits that you can warp and twist to fit your own home campaigns. 
  6. A full roster of weirdness to take PC's off guard. 
  7. Great good resource for ideas and nice layout that's easy on these old eyes of mine. 
  8. Because of the adventure locations and dungeons this book is like having three adventures in one. 
  9. Lots of good replay value and potential for creating your own spin off dungeons from several of the adventure bits in this one one.  
  10. This is a puzzle piece adventure campaign that fits in with the rest of The Basic Fantasy rpg adventures and can take PC's beyond their comfort zone and prepare them for the bigger and more dangerous challenges that await them!

     GRAB  Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign By Chris Gonnerman RIGHT HERE 

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