Thursday, October 6, 2016

1d20 Random Undead Horrors of the Wastelands Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Ruins in the wastelands are often the haunts for souls caught between reality & dreams of Heaven or the Hells of the lower viberational Outer Darkness that runs between the stars. This form of reality is often the hunting ground of demons & devils who haunt for these damned souls. Adventurers often get caught up in the machinations of undead monsters from the wastelands without realizing it.

These horrors watch & wait in the shadows of reality for their prey moving against time & space itself to capture the succulent bits of the human soul even as the Negative energies of their unholy states empowers and erodes them.

"My hour is almost come

When I to sulfurous and tormenting flames
Must render up myself."
Hamlet's Father's ghost
William Shakespeare Hamlet

" Murther most foul, as in the best it is;
But this most foul, strange, and unnatural. "

Many of these damned souls have become anchored to the places & shadows where they once lived only to have life blasted away by the splashing horror of  nuclear or planar fire that took their lives. The relics and things of their lives keep them from leaving the plane of their deaths. So now they move from shadow to shadow across Accursed Atlantis's wastelands visiting death and murder most unnatural on anyone they come across. They're anger and hatred fueling their rage as well as  existence.

1d20 Random Undead Horrors of the Wastelands Encounter
  1.   An apportion of an ancient woman trapped between life and death, her skin, bones, and existence burn from within with the fires of her death by Atlantis's nuclear fires. A diamond necklace nearby once hung around her neck worth 600 gold pieces 
  2. A coffer corpse is on the hunt for another victim its insane hunger drives it to kill anyone it comes across. It was once a priest of the forest god but now its insane with hunger. 
  3. A pack of 1d6 shadows hunts for the souls of any they come across. These horrors are tied to a chest of super science relics worth 300 gold pieces 
  4. A vampire haunts these ruins because it was once his home and now it has become his tomb. His skin has been bleached green by the nuclear fires but for two hours each night he can become almost normal to hunt. A razor of jade & volcanic glass ties his existence to this place once an object of pride for his father. 
  5. A pack of 1d8 ghasts with fused flesh has been twisted from the fiery depths of the Abyss, they have come to hunt down any foolish enough to seek the treasure of relics worth 400 gold pieces here. 
  6. The ghosts of a knot of scholars debates here for eternity but their hunger for the souls of the living ties them to the globe of jade and black diamond here. The piece is worth a cool 10000 gold pieces but to get it they must get past the scholar's hungry ghosts. 
  7. A wight's family pack haunts this place guarding an ancient series of relics that they can no longer remember. The relics are worth 400 gold pieces but the hungry undead can only think of their soul hunger. 
  8. 1d6 wraiths have been let loose from some hell circling a dead star. They're hungry drives them ever onward for eternity but their tied to the +3 sword called Demon's tears but they know not why. 
  9. A pack of 1d8 ghouls haunts this ancient mega tank's ruins, they were the crew but glow with the ghost light of undeath. They're victims of the tank's planar power source and the 5000 gold piece containment rods. 
  10. An ancient Atlantean priest's ghost that haunts the grounds of this ancient temple. The place was filled with 6500 gold pieces worth of incredible jade. 
  11. A royal Atlantis minor noble whom has become a jealous and very hungry Huecuva that guards a rod of minor command. 
  12. A hound of ill omen that guards an entrance to the underworld. The thing appears because many people died guarding an ancient bomb of minor nuclear fire. 
  13. An  Atlantis royal's mummy guards its old home's ruins and a chest of 1,000 gold lumens of Atlantis. 
  14. A very hungry Son of Kyuss has manifested after a necromancy spell has gone wrong. The thing was drawn to a mirror of soul capturing. 
  15. A ghoul cult of 1d20 ghouls haunts these partially covered ruins from the gold age of Atlantis & a hoard of 1d20 ancient magic scrolls. 
  16. A tribe of ghostly nomads haunt this area, they seek the treasure of their ancestor but can not find it. The thing exists in the hands of a private collector and their souls can not rest. They will murder anyone they come across. 
  17. The Specter of a murdered bounty hunter guards 10000 gold baubles that he stole from his last client. 
  18. The Coffer Corpse of a murdered bar tender has come to life to murder the commander of his former out fit for stealing the resurrection ray of a nearby cult. 
  19. Two great fighter's ghosts duel each night and in the morning go to their shallow graves. They guard to great weapons of the apocalypse worth thousands 
  20. An Atlantian death demon has come forth from the Outer Darkness to claim the soul of a powerful adventurer but it has become bound to a particularly nasty relic worth 5000 gold pieces 

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