Wednesday, October 26, 2016

1d10 Random Works of the Sorcerer King Lu-Gan Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Tremble at ye mighty works of the sorcerer king Lu-gan whose word was law & who walked in the many shadows of Atlantis, Lemuria, and fabled Mu. The mighty lord upon whose scrolls were writ with  the whole of the law from whom the gods from Citadel Of The Obsidian Crown. Angels came at his beckoned call & the Heavens cracked at his word for his was the power of Law! Now all that remains of King Lu-gan are his works & artifacts which sometimes come up in distant markets or Tule or the like. The king hasn't been heard from in centuries. But there are those who say you can hear his ghost wailing in the desert lands still trying to rule over his kingdom of the dead.

Only those who know & acknowledge the cosmic wisdom of the gods of Lu-gan can use his relics, artifacts, and relics. Otherwise they will be trying to compensate for the lack of magical power that seems to flow with interruption through the magical constructs.

1d10 Random Works of the Sorcerer King Lu-Gan Table

  1. Rod of the Cosmic Law - The rod can interrupt the flow of magical energies to a spell or magic item when the owner repeats a word or secret phrase of law over and over. 
  2.  Manacles of Law - These manacles are used to restrain & bind creatures of chaos and dark magic. They were often used for torture and sadistic punishments of the creatures of Hell. They can bind demons & hell spawn with the word of Lu -gan 
  3. Fan of the Rational Mind - This metal fan is made from the tears of angels & weapons from the Fall of Man. It allows one to blow all opinions influences of the darkness away from them with a sixty percent chance of success. 
  4. The Staff of The Atlantean Law - This staff will create a bubble of Law around the owner with an AC of 5 for 1d20 hours but the staff fills the mind of the owner with the dogma of Law. They will be at a -3 for all rolls as the great cosmic truths fill their brain. 
  5. Halo of Mu - This halo of iron takes away the will & mind of the owner as it floats above the owner's head sapping both wisdom and intelligence one point per day. The owner will obey simple commands. 
  6. Gavel of Thule - The owner can cause a thunder crack of lawful energies that does 1d6 points of damage to any creature of  Chaos unless a saving throw is made 
  7. Scrolls of  Lu -Gan - These scrolls contain the wisdom of the sorcerer king but will have to be studied for 1d10 hours in order to gain his wisdom. There is a 30% chance per session that the owner will become lost within the perplexing wisdom of Lu-gan and will have to start over again.
  8. Dice of the Designer - These dice once throw will take 1d6 temporary points of wisdom and intelligence as the song of the Law fills their head for 1d6 hours. 
  9. The Scroll of Mysteries - This legendary item is filled with great deed and legends known to Lu-gan. There is a 40% chance that some sorcerous mystery might be known to the king but the owner will have to put up with long drawn out preaching of the scroll's spirit of Law.  
  10. Head of Lu -gan - These statue heads were once the guardians of the kingdom and any major undead must make a save or be turned to ash. Lesser undead or demons can not stand within the gaze of these heads.
    Those gazing upon these awesome displays power & lawful ego must save vs wands or feel worthless unless they prostrate themselves before these idols. Each head once per day may project a ray of daylight that can destroy any undead or least demon before it within a twenty foot radius.

    These items frequently come up in the wastelands of many worlds as Lu-gan reigned for a thousand years over vast stretches of lands & people but his works have changed hands many times over the years. Many priests & servants of Law covet these items and will pay top coin for them.

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